Pocket Watch Movement List


Note: Price is for EACH, (Quantity) values are the multiples availiable per lot number, see item description

Please note-Items with bold numbers are available in a quantity up to the number specified behind the description.

Items used as described:

ID/New/Pics PriceDescription

Category 040 - pw movts

040.40 $ 19.00Lang/strat pocket watch, used
040.173 $ 18.00Felsa 323, 17 ligne modern Swiss, 17j, Incabloc, of, slight rust, m/dial/hds/hour wheel.
040.583 $ 16.00Trenton, 12s, 7j#861,809, htg, ls, dn, bs, bad pd.
040.655 $ 18.00A.W. Co., Waltham, 8s, 7j#2,820,876, htg, gilt, ls, Seaside grade, ss ro pd is xlnt, has outer edge flaw, m/2 hands.
040.674 $ 20.00Felsa 249, 18 ligne, 15 jewel, of, gilt, will tick, m/stem.
040.689 $ 29.00Elgin, 10s, 11j#947,661, gilt, keywind-keyset from back, Gail Borden, Good ss ro pd with light hairlines, m/hands.
040.690 $ 15.00Elgin, 10s, 7j#1,454,446, gilt, keywind-keyset from back, Dexter Street, bs, m/cannon pinion and hour wheel and hands.
040.691 $ 18.00Moeris 16B, 17j, Swiss, of, md, m/2 hands.
040.710 $ 18.00Swiss 18 ligne movement, 15j, of, good balance, md, m/hands.
040.752 $ 24.00Trenton Watch Co., 6s, 7j#709,109, htg, dn, ls, will tick, xlnt ro pd, m/sec hand.
040.798 $ 18.00Trenton, 16s, 7j#3,534,559, htg, dn, bs, ss ro pd w/or5mm has hairlines, m/one hand.
040.841 $ 20.00Lavina 23, Swiss, 17j, 3 adj, 17 ligne, of, dn, negative wind/set, micro reg, bs, ss ar pd with some hairlines.
040.844 $ 16.00Buren Imperial, 16 ligne, 7j, fits your 12s case, of, adj2, bs, m/2 hands, hld.
040.850 $ 15.00Langendorf, 12s, Swiss, of, dn, 7j, will tick, md, m/minute wheel, hour wheel, dial and hands.
040.852 $ 21.00Admiral 9, Swiss, 7j, 17 ligne, htg, dn, Delmar/Tacy, bs, nm ro pd w/or5mm.
040.854 $ 18.00Unitas 321, 17 ligne, Swiss, of, dn, 6 jewel, 2 adj, bs, md, m/hands.
040.855 $ 18.00Unitas 880, 17 ligne, Swiss, of, Imperial, bs, nice ed md, m/2 hands.
040.889 $ 19.00New England Watch Co., 16s, 7j grade BB, of, bs, bent hairspring, ar pd w/or5mm with some small hairlines, m/one hand.
040.892 $ 20.00American Watch Co., Waltham, 8s, 13j#1,806,871, Riverside, 1873 model, htg, gilt, ls, bs, male stem model, ss ro pd with some hairlines, m/hands.
040.893 $ 12.00American Watch Co., Waltham, 8s, 7j#2,175,857, WM Ellery, 1873 model, htg, gilt, ls, male stem model, ss ro pd with some hairlines, m/hands, regulator and balance complete.
040.894 $ 20.00American Watch Co., Waltham, 8s, 15j#911,681, Riverside, 1873 model, htg, gilt, ls, bs, male stem model, poor ss ro pd , m/hands and regulator.
040.895 $ 19.00American Waltham Watch Co., 6s, 13j#3,070,472, 1873 model, htg, dn, bs, slight rust, hld, m/regulator.
040.1004 $ 6.00Illinois, 8s, 11j#508,246, htg, gilt, ls, bs, rust on balance and under dial, bad pd, m/hands.
040.1018 $ 12.00Addison Duplex, 4s, of, gilt, bs, some hl on pd.
040.1039 $ 20.00Seth Thomas, 18s, model 13, 7j, htg, gilt, bs, slightly bent hs, bad pd, bent hands, m/regulator.
040.1045 $ 24.00C.W. Atkin, Tullamore fusee movement, approx. 42.75mm od of dial side, KW-KS, hs is unpinned, roller is missing, pallet arbor may be brokenss ro pd is unsigned, very small hairlines, m/hands and fusee chain.
040.1066 $ 15.00A.W. Co., Waltham, 6/8s, 11j #1,940,473, htg, gilt, ls, bs, broken 4th wheel, ss ro pd has some small hairlines, m/hands and upper 4th wheel jewel.
040.1091 $ 14.00Waltham 8s-6s, 11j #1,051, 983, gilt, htg, ls, nmale stem type, bs, bk 4th bit, m/dial, hands, hour wheel, minute wheel
040.1094 $ 18.00American Watch Co., Waltham, 6s, 9 or 11j#1,903,091, gilt, htg, ls, male post, bs, nm ss ro pd and good set of hands, slight rust on balance cock.
040.1108 $ 21.00J.D. Morrison, Larne, 43.7mm o.d. fusee movement, gilt, bs, some rust on hairspring needs pinning, solid balance is undersprung, large exposed jewels, unsigned pd needs a bath and has a few hairlines, m/hands, fusee chain and 2 upper plate jewels with screws, for parts or practice.
040.1110 $ 29.00Unsigned 43.2mm o.d. fusee movement, gilt, bs, hld, m/hands.
040.1111 $ 29.00G. Cornell, Maidstone signed 43.1mm o.d. fusee movement, gilt, bs, hld, m/hands.
040.1125 $ 24.00Unsigned 3/4 plate fusee, gilt, 42.4mm o.d., bs, nm ss ro pd, missing the upper balance jewels, jewel screws and hands.
040.1126 $ 29.00Unsigned 3/4 plate fusee, gilt, 43mm o.d., bs, diamond endstone, ss ro pd with 3 hairlines, missing the hands.
040.1128 $ 23.00W.H. Wilson, Omach signed 3/4 plate fusee, 37.9mm, bs, m/dial, hands, minute wheel, hour wheel and hs stud screw.
040.1135 $ 24.00Celtic Swiss 17 ligne, of, dn, 7 jewel, xlnt ss ar pd w/or5mm is signed Gorrie and Co., Newburgh, NY.
040.1139 $ 17.00Crown, 3/0s, 7j#EE061,020, of, dn, bs, md.
040.1151 $ 16.00Hampden 5/0s, 7j#3,560,768, of, dn, has some rust, md, complete.
040.1154 $ 18.00Crown Watch Co., 3/0s, of, dn, bs, bad hs, good looking pd w/1 outer edge nick, has stem and crown also.
040.1155 $ 15.00Crown Watch Co., 3/0s, htg, md, 2 hand type, m/one hand and regulator.
040.1169 $ 16.00Atlas Watch Co. 0 size, Duplex escapement, hunting, dn, lever set, bs, m/minute wheel, hour wheel, dial and hands.
040.1198 $ 15.00W.U. Timer, Swiss built 18s, has train on dial and movement, approx. 11j, bs, chipped pd, m/one hand and a piece of the micro reg.
040.1246 $ 37.00Century (Seth Thomas), 18s, 7j#1,186,542, of, dn, bs, xlnt bold ar pd and hands.
040.1251 $ 27.00Waltham, 14/12s, 15j#13,602,353, of, dn, micro reg, bs, poor md, missing one bridge screw.
040.1253 $ 18.00NY Standard, 12s, 7j#BF137109, of, dn, bs, bad pd, m/2 hands.
040.1295 $ 28.00Elgin, 12s, 7j#19,447,464, htg, gilt, bs, ss ar pd with some light hairlines,m/2 hands.
040.1304 $ 18.00Crown, 3/0s, #036.1154, 7j#814, of, nm ar pd w/or5mm, missing the minute hand.593. Has a Borel top disc #6, black for Borel # 26.011.31.
040.1322 $ 23.00Illinois, 8s, 7j#516,712, htg, gilt, ls, bs, missing one screw, dial and 2 hands.
040.1326 $ 18.00Trenton, 6s, 7j#155,971, htg, dn, ls, bad pd, m/roller jewel.
040.1328 $ 15.00Waltham, 3/0s, 7j#23,332,092, htg/ww, dn, bs, bad hairspring, poor md, 2 hand type (no seconds), m/one hand.
040.1329 $ 20.00American Watch Co., Waltham 8s, 7j#2,124,945, WM Ellery, htg, gilt, ls, male stem, bs, xlnt ss ro pd, m/2 hands, Woerds patent.
040.1330 $ 12.00American Watch Co., 8s, 7j#1,127,145, Royal, htg, gilt, ls, male stem, bs, bad hs, m/dial and hands.
040.1333 $ 18.00New England Watch Co., 6/0s, open face, Duplex escapement, bs, m/one hand, nice fancy pd.
040.1337 $ 19.00New York Standard, 12s, 7j, htg, dn, some rust on balance wheel and hs, good ar pd, complete, Grade 170.
040.1343 $ 18.00Elgin 12s 7j#30,063,443, of, dn, bs, bad hs, ar md, m/sec hand.
040.1355 $ 21.00Swiss bar movement, 21 ligne, lever escapement, poor pd, missing hands.
040.1362 $ 16.00Wellington (New York Standard), 16s, 7j, of, dn, chipped pd, missing sec hand and pallet bridge and pallet fork.
040.1367 $ 24.00AS 1075, Swiss, 17 ligne, of, sub sec, 17 jewels, fair md, complete.
040.1376 $ 15.00New York Standard, 0s, 7j, htg, dn, bs, m/dial, hands, regulator and hour wheel, new model.
040.1380 $ 15.00Progress (NY Standard), 6s, #AG415960, ships wheel type regulator, of, dn, bent hs, bs, upper balance jewels broken, 12s ar pd is for 2 hand model, some hairlines.
040.1383 $ 15.00New England Watch Co., 6/0s, duplex escapement, of, dn, bs, md, complete.
040.1384 $ 18.00New England Watch Co., 6/0s, duplex escapement, of, dn, bs, xlnt 3 color pd, m/one hand.
040.1389 $ 29.00Century USA (Seth Thomas), 18s, 7j, htg, ls, bs, ss ro pd wob5mm has hairlines, m/second hand.
040.1390 $ 18.00Ingersoll Reliance, 16s, of, dn, bs, bent hs, poor md, m/2 hands.
040.1392 $ 20.00Atlas (Elgin) Watch Co., 18s, 7j#7,196,198, htg, dn, ls, bs, poor pd, m/2 hands.
040.1396 $ 20.00New Era (NY Standard), 18s, 7j#3,519,032, 3/4 plate, of, dn, ls, bs, good roman pd with one edge chip, missing hands and upper balance jewels.
040.1404 $ 18.00New Era USA, NY Standard, 18s, of, dn, 3/4 plate model, bs, hs is bent, nice dial but has center chip, m4 screws and second hand.
040.1408 $ 18.00Crown 3/0s, 7j, of, sub sec, bs, m/one hand.
040.1418 $ 19.00Progress (NY Standard), 6s with 10s dial, 3/4 plate model, htg, ls, dn, hld, complete.
040.1425 $ 15.00New York Standard 18s, 7j, of, dn, hs has rust, missing ratct wheel, r.w. screw, click and click spring, hld.
040.1426 $ 21.00Advance (Waltham made), 7j, 16s, htg, ls, gilt, bs, bad pd, missing hands.
040.1427 $ 25.00Seth Thomas, 6s, htg, dn, ls, bs, bad pd, m/.3 screws and hands.
040.1436 $ 20.00Columbia, 6s, NY Standard, 7j, htg, ls, bs, 3/4 plate type, nice looking ro pd with one minor edge nick, missing two hands.
040.1437 $ 25.00Willmington USA (NY Standard) 16s, 11j#8,172,586, of, dn, gilt screws, micro reg, nm ar pd, missing roller jewel and 2 hands.
040.1438 $ 18.00Alden, New England Watch Co., 16s, 7 jewels, of, dn, double roller, bs, bad hairspring, chipped pd,
040.1468 $ 24.00Illinois 4s, dn, htg, ls, 11j#790,783, very good ss ro pd, missing roller complete and 2 hands.
040.1475 $ 18.00(NY) Standard, 16s, htg, dn, bs, missing regulator and 2 hands, dial has hairlines.
040.1476 $ 23.00Elgin 0s, 7j#9,511,530, grade 269, htg, dn, broken balance staff, bad pd, missing one hand and ratchet wheel screw.
040.1477 $ 19.00Pan America USA (New York Standard Made) 16s, 7j, 3/4 plate open face, dial has some hairlines, missing balance staff, roller and hairspring.
040.1494 $ 39.00Trenton Watch Company, 16s, 7 jewels #3,221,473, open face, dn, ticks, Very good looking near mint single sunk look pd, Roman numerals with outer red 5 minute marks, complete.
040.1496 $ 20.00New York Standard 12s, 7 jewels #BF292911, newer model, open face, dn, hairspring needs adjustment, missing regulator and sub second hand, near mint arabic pd. Will sell for less without the dial.
040.1499 $ 25.00Ingersoll Reliance 16s, 7j#654,363, open face, dn plates, broken balance staff, very nice looking bold Arabic pd with outer black 5 minute marks, some faint hairlines, missing sub seconds hand, cwown wheel, crown wheel center hub and screw.
040.1501 $ 20.00Atlas Watch Co. (Elgin made) 18s, 7 jewels, open face, dn plates, broken center wheel, missing hands and roller jewel.
040.1509 $ 18.00Wilmington USA (NY Standard), 16s, 11 jewels, missing the ratchet wheel and screw and the crown wheel does not function in the winding as is appears to be a dummy, bad pd, missing one hand. mystery watch.
040.1510 $ 18.00American Watch Co. Wm. Ellery 6s, 11 jewels #2,837,950, gilt plates, hunting, broken balance staff, missing dial, hands, minute wheel and hour wheel.
040.1522 $ 15.00Addison 4 size duplex escapemwnt movement, broken balance staff, missing one hand.
040.1524 $ 36.00Fusee Movement, Gibson Limited, Belfast, 43mm diameter, bent hairspring, gilt plates, #20149, keywind and key set, dial should come clean with a bath, missing hands.
040.1525 $ 22.00Anti-Magnetique sined clock-watch, openface, approx.51mm o.d. movement in white metal case, open face, pin set, bent hairspring, broken balance staff, hairlines on dial, missing crystal and bow.
040.1526 $ 18.00ETA 1035, 17 ligne pocket watch movement, sws, broken balance staff, missing dial, hands, cannon pinion, sweep seconds pinion and pinion bridge.
040.1528 $ 16.00NY Standard 6s, 7j, hunting, broken balance staff, good hairspring, complete but has rust on and under the dial. good parts left also
040.1529 $ 16.00Atlas Watch Co., Chicago, 0 size, Duplex escapement,hunting, gilt, sub seconds, lever set, broken staff, missing hairspring, dial and hands.
040.1531 $ 18.00Admiral 16s, Swiss made, patented 1904, 7 jewels, open face, negative wind and set, broken balance staff, missing the click, click spring and minute hand, dial is bad.
040.1532 $ 20.00Locust Swiss 18 ligne open face, 7 jewels, broken balance staff and mainspring, good md, missing seconds hand.
040.1539 $ 24.00Wellington (NY Standard) 16 size open face, lined nickel plates, poor dial, roller jewel needs adjusting, missing the hour wheel and hands.
040.1543 $ 20.00New England 14 size duplex escapement, open face, gilt plates, xlnt dial, missing hands, bad haispring.
040.1556 $ 27.00Perfection USA (NY Standard) 16 size, hunting, lever set, nickle pates with finishbroken balance staff, Attractive enamel dial,Roman numerals with outer minute trac, xlnt with 3 blue steel hands.
040.1562 $ 22.00Hampden 12 size #2,107,888, 7 jewels, hunting, nickle plates, lever set, broken 4th wheel bit and center wheel, missing the dial, hands, cannon pinion and hour wheel.
040.1563 $ 45.00Elgin 10 size #935,105, 11 jewels, gilt plates, key wind and key set, xlnt single sunk enamel dial with arabicnumerals and outer minute track, will tick, missinghour hand.
040.1568 $ 20.00N.Y. Standard 6 size, 7 jewels #105,823, huntingbroken balance staff and seconds bit, bad dial, missing seconds hand.
040.1570 $ 29.00A.W.Co. Waltham 6 size #3,499,642, open face, 2 hand type, lever set, gilt, missing roller jewel and hands, near mint dial as shown in the pictures. Includes stem and crown.
040.1572 $ 20.00Antique Swiss bar movement, jewelled, near mint porcelain dial with roman numerals and minute track, good balance, missing only the 3 hands. Approx. 16 ligne.
040.1592 $ 36.00American Waltham 1 size #3,412,593, 13 jewels, hunting, sub seconds, gilt plates, 1882 model, single sunk dial with Arabic numerals and outer red 5 minute markers has a chip where the 7 meets the sub dial, missing the Swiss style stem.
040.1593 $ 18.00New York Standard 0 size, 7 jewels, hunting, no seconds bit, broken balance staff, missng two hands, dial and hour wheel.
040.1597 $ 49.00A.W. Co., Waltham 8 size keywind and keyset from the back, Wm Ellery, gilt plates, nickel balance wheel, will tick, 7 jewels #1,243,592, 1873 model, decent ss arabic dial with some hairlines. Missing one hand and one case screw. Hard to find model.
040.1598 $ 18.00New England Watch Co. 6/0s movement with duplex escapement, gilt platesdial withcolor and 2 hairlines, broken balance staff. This is the one on the left in the pictures.
040.1599 $ 14.00New England Watch Co. 3/0s movement with duplex escapement, Cavour model, nice dial, missing balance, balance cock and one hand, good for all other parts. This is the one on the right in the 2 pictures.
040.1603 $ 29.00Advance (Waltham 1888 model), 7 jewels, hunting, lever set, gilt plates, bad dial, hairspring needs levelling, may have rust, broken balance staff, looks complete.
040.1604 $ 24.00Illinois 8 size #529,399, 7 jewels, hunting, lever set, will tick, bad dial, missing hands.
040.1605 $ 20.00Elgin 16 size #19,685,206, 7 jewels, gilt plates, open face, broken balance staff and 4th wheel bit, missing 4 screws, dial and hands.
040.1608 $ 20.00New York Standard Watch Co. 6 size #075931, hunting, broken balance staff, missing2 hands and 2 case screws.
040.1610 $ 18.00Seth Thomas 6 size, 7 jewels, hunting, lever set, broken 4th wheel bit, missing hands, balance complete and upper balance jewels. Good for parts.
040.1616 $ 20.00New York Standard 6 size open face movement, 15 jewels, missing regulator and cap jewel assembly and 2 hands, will tick,
040.1618 $ 17.00Elgin 12 size hunting movement, 15 jewels, nickel plates, metal dial, broken balance staff, missing hands, roller and hairspring.
040.1619 $ 24.00Standard USA 16 size open face movement, 7 jewels, nickle plates, broken balance staff, poor dial, missing seconds hand
040.1638 $ 21.00New York Standard, 7 jewels, hunting case type, broken balance staff, missing 2 hands and one screw.
040.1640 $ 27.00New England Watch Company 12 size open face movement, ticks, near mint dial, seconds bit is broken, has stem set wheel and yellow gold filled crown also.