Pocket Watch Movement List


Note: Price is for EACH, (Quantity) values are the multiples availiable per lot number, see item description

Please note-Items with bold numbers are available in a quantity up to the number specified behind the description.

Items used as described:

ID/New/Pics PriceDescription

Category 040 - pw movts

040.40 $ 19.00Lang/strat pocket watch, used
040.173 $ 18.00Felsa 323, 17 ligne modern Swiss, 17j, Incabloc, of, slight rust, m/dial/hds/hour wheel.
040.583 $ 16.00Trenton, 12s, 7j#861,809, htg, ls, dn, bs, bad pd.
040.655 $ 18.00A.W. Co., Waltham, 8s, 7j#2,820,876, htg, gilt, ls, Seaside grade, ss ro pd is xlnt, has outer edge flaw, m/2 hands.
040.674 $ 20.00Felsa 249, 18 ligne, 15 jewel, of, gilt, will tick, m/stem.
040.689 $ 29.00Elgin, 10s, 11j#947,661, gilt, keywind-keyset from back, Gail Borden, Good ss ro pd with light hairlines, m/hands.
040.690 $ 15.00Elgin, 10s, 7j#1,454,446, gilt, keywind-keyset from back, Dexter Street, bs, m/cannon pinion and hour wheel and hands.
040.691 $ 18.00Moeris 16B, 17j, Swiss, of, md, m/2 hands.
040.708 $ 20.00Hampden, 5/0s, 7j#3,525,227, of, dn, good gold color ar md, 2 hand style.
040.709 $ 20.00Hampden, 5/0s, 7j#3,529,496, of, dn, good gold color ar md, 2 hand style.
040.710 $ 18.00Swiss 18 ligne movement, 15j, of, good balance, md, m/hands.
040.752 $ 24.00Trenton Watch Co., 6s, 7j#709,109, htg, dn, ls, will tick, xlnt ro pd, m/sec hand.
040.798 $ 18.00Trenton, 16s, 7j#3,534,559, htg, dn, bs, ss ro pd w/or5mm has hairlines, m/one hand.
040.841 $ 20.00Lavina 23, Swiss, 17j, 3 adj, 17 ligne, of, dn, negative wind/set, micro reg, bs, ss ar pd with some hairlines.
040.844 $ 16.00Buren Imperial, 16 ligne, 7j, fits your 12s case, of, adj2, bs, m/2 hands, hld.
040.850 $ 15.00Langendorf, 12s, Swiss, of, dn, 7j, will tick, md, m/minute wheel, hour wheel, dial and hands.
040.852 $ 21.00Admiral 9, Swiss, 7j, 17 ligne, htg, dn, Delmar/Tacy, bs, nm ro pd w/or5mm.
040.854 $ 18.00Unitas 321, 17 ligne, Swiss, of, dn, 6 jewel, 2 adj, bs, md, m/hands.
040.855 $ 18.00Unitas 880, 17 ligne, Swiss, of, Imperial, bs, nice ed md, m/2 hands.
040.889 $ 19.00New England Watch Co., 16s, 7j grade BB, of, bs, bent hairspring, ar pd w/or5mm with some small hairlines, m/one hand.
040.892 $ 20.00American Watch Co., Waltham, 8s, 13j#1,806,871, Riverside, 1873 model, htg, gilt, ls, bs, male stem model, ss ro pd with some hairlines, m/hands.
040.893 $ 12.00American Watch Co., Waltham, 8s, 7j#2,175,857, WM Ellery, 1873 model, htg, gilt, ls, male stem model, ss ro pd with some hairlines, m/hands, regulator and balance complete.
040.894 $ 20.00American Watch Co., Waltham, 8s, 15j#911,681, Riverside, 1873 model, htg, gilt, ls, bs, male stem model, poor ss ro pd , m/hands and regulator.
040.895 $ 19.00American Waltham Watch Co., 6s, 13j#3,070,472, 1873 model, htg, dn, bs, slight rust, hld, m/regulator.
040.1004 $ 6.00Illinois, 8s, 11j#508,246, htg, gilt, ls, bs, rust on balance and under dial, bad pd, m/hands.
040.1018 $ 12.00Addison Duplex, 4s, of, gilt, bs, some hl on pd.
040.1039 $ 20.00Seth Thomas, 18s, model 13, 7j, htg, gilt, bs, slightly bent hs, bad pd, bent hands, m/regulator.
040.1041 $ 20.00Hampden 5/0s, 7j#3,567,502, of, 2 hand model, vg md, m/roller jewel.
040.1045 $ 24.00C.W. Atkin, Tullamore fusee movement, approx. 42.75mm od of dial side, KW-KS, hs is unpinned, roller is missing, pallet arbor may be brokenss ro pd is unsigned, very small hairlines, m/hands and fusee chain.
040.1066 $ 15.00A.W. Co., Waltham, 6/8s, 11j #1,940,473, htg, gilt, ls, bs, broken 4th wheel, ss ro pd has some small hairlines, m/hands and upper 4th wheel jewel.
040.1091 $ 14.00Waltham 8s-6s, 11j #1,051, 983, gilt, htg, ls, nmale stem type, bs, bk 4th bit, m/dial, hands, hour wheel, minute wheel
040.1094 $ 18.00American Watch Co., Waltham, 6s, 9 or 11j#1,903,091, gilt, htg, ls, male post, bs, nm ss ro pd and good set of hands, slight rust on balance cock.
040.1108 $ 21.00J.D. Morrison, Larne, 43.7mm o.d. fusee movement, gilt, bs, some rust on hairspring needs pinning, solid balance is undersprung, large exposed jewels, unsigned pd needs a bath and has a few hairlines, m/hands, fusee chain and 2 upper plate jewels with screws, for parts or practice.
040.1110 $ 29.00Unsigned 43.2mm o.d. fusee movement, gilt, bs, hld, m/hands.
040.1111 $ 29.00G. Cornell, Maidstone signed 43.1mm o.d. fusee movement, gilt, bs, hld, m/hands.
040.1125 $ 24.00Unsigned 3/4 plate fusee, gilt, 42.4mm o.d., bs, nm ss ro pd, missing the upper balance jewels, jewel screws and hands.
040.1126 $ 29.00Unsigned 3/4 plate fusee, gilt, 43mm o.d., bs, diamond endstone, ss ro pd with 3 hairlines, missing the hands.
040.1128 $ 23.00W.H. Wilson, Omach signed 3/4 plate fusee, 37.9mm, bs, m/dial, hands, minute wheel, hour wheel and hs stud screw.
040.1135 $ 24.00Celtic Swiss 17 ligne, of, dn, 7 jewel, xlnt ss ar pd w/or5mm is signed Gorrie and Co., Newburgh, NY.
040.1139 $ 17.00Crown, 3/0s, 7j#EE061,020, of, dn, bs, md.
040.1151 $ 16.00Hampden 5/0s, 7j#3,560,768, of, dn, has some rust, md, complete.
040.1154 $ 18.00Crown Watch Co., 3/0s, of, dn, bs, bad hs, good looking pd w/1 outer edge nick, has stem and crown also.
040.1155 $ 15.00Crown Watch Co., 3/0s, htg, md, 2 hand type, m/one hand and regulator.
040.1169 $ 16.00Atlas Watch Co. 0 size, Duplex escapement, hunting, dn, lever set, bs, m/minute wheel, hour wheel, dial and hands.
040.1198 $ 15.00W.U. Timer, Swiss built 18s, has train on dial and movement, approx. 11j, bs, chipped pd, m/one hand and a piece of the micro reg.
040.1246 $ 37.00Century (Seth Thomas), 18s, 7j#1,186,542, of, dn, bs, xlnt bold ar pd and hands.
040.1251 $ 27.00Waltham, 14/12s, 15j#13,602,353, of, dn, micro reg, bs, poor md, missing one bridge screw.
040.1253 $ 18.00NY Standard, 12s, 7j#BF137109, of, dn, bs, bad pd, m/2 hands.
040.1295 $ 28.00Elgin, 12s, 7j#19,447,464, htg, gilt, bs, ss ar pd with some light hairlines,m/2 hands.
040.1304 $ 18.00Crown, 3/0s, #036.1154, 7j#814, of, nm ar pd w/or5mm, missing the minute hand.593. Has a Borel top disc #6, black for Borel # 26.011.31.
040.1322 $ 23.00Illinois, 8s, 7j#516,712, htg, gilt, ls, bs, missing one screw, dial and 2 hands.
040.1326 $ 18.00Trenton, 6s, 7j#155,971, htg, dn, ls, bad pd, m/roller jewel.
040.1328 $ 15.00Waltham, 3/0s, 7j#23,332,092, htg/ww, dn, bs, bad hairspring, poor md, 2 hand type (no seconds), m/one hand.
040.1329 $ 20.00American Watch Co., Waltham 8s, 7j#2,124,945, WM Ellery, htg, gilt, ls, male stem, bs, xlnt ss ro pd, m/2 hands, Woerds patent.
040.1330 $ 12.00American Watch Co., 8s, 7j#1,127,145, Royal, htg, gilt, ls, male stem, bs, bad hs, m/dial and hands.
040.1333 $ 18.00New England Watch Co., 6/0s, open face, Duplex escapement, bs, m/one hand, nice fancy pd.
040.1337 $ 19.00New York Standard, 12s, 7j, htg, dn, some rust on balance wheel and hs, good ar pd, complete, Grade 170.
040.1343 $ 18.00Elgin 12s 7j#30,063,443, of, dn, bs, bad hs, ar md, m/sec hand.
040.1353 $ 18.00Swiss 21 ligne bar type movement, kw-ks, lever escapement, bs, xlnt emamel dial, missing hands.
040.1355 $ 21.00Swiss bar movement, 21 ligne, lever escapement, poor pd, missing hands.
040.1362 $ 16.00Wellington (New York Standard), 16s, 7j, of, dn, chipped pd, missing sec hand and pallet bridge and pallet fork.
040.1367 $ 24.00AS 1075, Swiss, 17 ligne, of, sub sec, 17 jewels, fair md, complete.
040.1376 $ 15.00New York Standard, 0s, 7j, htg, dn, bs, m/dial, hands, regulator and hour wheel, new model.
040.1380 $ 15.00Progress (NY Standard), 6s, #AG415960, ships wheel type regulator, of, dn, bent hs, bs, upper balance jewels broken, 12s ar pd is for 2 hand model, some hairlines.
040.1383 $ 15.00New England Watch Co., 6/0s, duplex escapement, of, dn, bs, md, complete.
040.1384 $ 18.00New England Watch Co., 6/0s, duplex escapement, of, dn, bs, xlnt 3 color pd, m/one hand.
040.1389 $ 29.00Century USA (Seth Thomas), 18s, 7j, htg, ls, bs, ss ro pd wob5mm has hairlines, m/second hand.
040.1390 $ 18.00Ingersoll Reliance, 16s, of, dn, bs, bent hs, poor md, m/2 hands.
040.1392 $ 20.00Atlas (Elgin) Watch Co., 18s, 7j#7,196,198, htg, dn, ls, bs, poor pd, m/2 hands.
040.1396 $ 20.00New Era (NY Standard), 18s, 7j#3,519,032, 3/4 plate, of, dn, ls, bs, good roman pd with one edge chip, missing hands and upper balance jewels.
040.1404 $ 18.00New Era USA, NY Standard, 18s, of, dn, 3/4 plate model, bs, hs is bent, nice dial but has center chip, m4 screws and second hand.
040.1408 $ 18.00Crown 3/0s, 7j, of, sub sec, bs, m/one hand.
040.1418 $ 19.00Progress (NY Standard), 6s with 10s dial, 3/4 plate model, htg, ls, dn, hld, complete.
040.1425 $ 15.00New York Standard 18s, 7j, of, dn, hs has rust, missing ratct wheel, r.w. screw, click and click spring, hld.
040.1426 $ 21.00Advance (Waltham made), 7j, 16s, htg, ls, gilt, bs, bad pd, missing hands.
040.1427 $ 25.00Seth Thomas, 6s, htg, dn, ls, bs, bad pd, m/.3 screws and hands.
040.1436 $ 20.00Columbia, 6s, NY Standard, 7j, htg, ls, bs, 3/4 plate type, nice looking ro pd with one minor edge nick, missing two hands.
040.1437 $ 25.00Willmington USA (NY Standard) 16s, 11j#8,172,586, of, dn, gilt screws, micro reg, nm ar pd, missing roller jewel and 2 hands.
040.1438 $ 18.00Alden, New England Watch Co., 16s, 7 jewels, of, dn, double roller, bs, bad hairspring, chipped pd,
040.1468 $ 24.00Illinois 4s, dn, htg, ls, 11j#790,783, very good ss ro pd, missing roller complete and 2 hands.
040.1475 $ 18.00(NY) Standard, 16s, htg, dn, bs, missing regulator and 2 hands, dial has hairlines.
040.1476 $ 23.00Elgin 0s, 7j#9,511,530, grade 269, htg, dn, broken balance staff, bad pd, missing one hand and ratchet wheel screw.
040.1477 $ 19.00Pan America USA (New York Standard Made) 16s, 7j, 3/4 plate open face, dial has some hairlines, missing balance staff, roller and hairspring.
040.1494 $ 39.00Trenton Watch Company, 16s, 7 jewels #3,221,473, open face, dn, ticks, Very good looking near mint single sunk look pd, Roman numerals with outer red 5 minute marks, complete.
040.1496 $ 20.00New York Standard 12s, 7 jewels #BF292911, newer model, open face, dn, hairspring needs adjustment, missing regulator and sub second hand, near mint arabic pd. Will sell for less without the dial.
040.1499 $ 25.00Ingersoll Reliance 16s, 7j#654,363, open face, dn plates, broken balance staff, very nice looking bold Arabic pd with outer black 5 minute marks, some faint hairlines, missing sub seconds hand, cwown wheel, crown wheel center hub and screw.
040.1501 $ 20.00Atlas Watch Co. (Elgin made) 18s, 7 jewels, open face, dn plates, broken center wheel, missing hands and roller jewel.
040.1509 $ 18.00Wilmington USA (NY Standard), 16s, 11 jewels, missing the ratchet wheel and screw and the crown wheel does not function in the winding as is appears to be a dummy, bad pd, missing one hand. mystery watch.
040.1510 $ 18.00American Watch Co. Wm. Ellery 6s, 11 jewels #2,837,950, gilt plates, hunting, broken balance staff, missing dial, hands, minute wheel and hour wheel.
040.1516 $ 18.00New York Standard 12s, 7j #BF147643, open face, dn, broken balance staff, dial has edge chip and hairline, missing one hand, ratchet wheel and screw, click, click screw and click spring and 3 screws.
040.1522 $ 15.00Addison 4 size duplex escapemwnt movement, broken balance staff, missing one hand.
040.1524 $ 36.00Fusee Movement, Gibson Limited, Belfast, 43mm diameter, bent hairspring, gilt plates, #20149, keywind and key set, dial should come clean with a bath, missing hands.
040.1525 $ 22.00Anti-Magnetique sined clock-watch, openface, approx.51mm o.d. movement in white metal case, open face, pin set, bent hairspring, broken balance staff, hairlines on dial, missing crystal and bow.
040.1526 $ 18.00ETA 1035, 17 ligne pocket watch movement, sws, broken balance staff, missing dial, hands, cannon pinion, sweep seconds pinion and pinion bridge.
040.1528 $ 16.00NY Standard 6s, 7j, hunting, broken balance staff, good hairspring, complete but has rust on and under the dial. good parts left also
040.1529 $ 16.00Atlas Watch Co., Chicago, 0 size, Duplex escapement,hunting, gilt, sub seconds, lever set, broken staff, missing hairspring, dial and hands.
040.1531 $ 18.00Admiral 16s, Swiss made, patented 1904, 7 jewels, open face, negative wind and set, broken balance staff, missing the click, click spring and minute hand, dial is bad.
040.1532 $ 20.00Locust Swiss 18 ligne open face, 7 jewels, broken balance staff and mainspring, good md, missing seconds hand.
040.1539 $ 24.00Wellington (NY Standard) 16 size open face, lined nickel plates, poor dial, roller jewel needs adjusting, missing the hour wheel and hands.
040.1543 $ 20.00New England 14 size duplex escapement, open face, gilt plates, xlnt dial, missing hands, bad haispring.
040.1556 $ 27.00Perfection USA (NY Standard) 16 size, hunting, lever set, nickle pates with finishbroken balance staff, Attractive enamel dial,Roman numerals with outer minute trac, xlnt with 3 blue steel hands.
040.1562 $ 22.00Hampden 12 size #2,107,888, 7 jewels, hunting, nickle plates, lever set, broken 4th wheel bit and center wheel, missing the dial, hands, cannon pinion and hour wheel.
040.1563 $ 45.00Elgin 10 size #935,105, 11 jewels, gilt plates, key wind and key set, xlnt single sunk enamel dial with arabicnumerals and outer minute track, will tick, missinghour hand.
040.1568 $ 20.00N.Y. Standard 6 size, 7 jewels #105,823, huntingbroken balance staff and seconds bit, bad dial, missing seconds hand.
040.1570 $ 29.00A.W.Co. Waltham 6 size #3,499,642, open face, 2 hand type, lever set, gilt, missing roller jewel and hands, near mint dial as shown in the pictures. Includes stem and crown.
040.1572 $ 20.00Antique Swiss bar movement, jewelled, near mint porcelain dial with roman numerals and minute track, good balance, missing only the 3 hands. Approx. 16 ligne.
040.1579 $ 34.00Rockford 12 size #791,664, 17 jewels, double roller, dn, unting, hairspring is rusty, and the micrometric regulator has some surface rust, balance staff is broken, bad dial, missing hands.
040.1586 $ 36.00American Waltham 1 size #3,906,427, 7 jewels, hunting, sub seconds, gilt plates, 1882 model, movement is dirty, single sunk dial with roman numerals and minute track is near mint, missing one hand and the Swiss style stem. Can be bought without dial at a lower price.
040.1592 $ 36.00American Waltham 1 size #3,412,593, 13 jewels, hunting, sub seconds, gilt plates, 1882 model, single sunk dial with Arabic numerals and outer red 5 minute markers has a chip where the 7 meets the sub dial, missing the Swiss style stem.
040.1593 $ 18.00New York Standard 0 size, 7 jewels, hunting, no seconds bit, broken balance staff, missng two hands, dial and hour wheel.
040.1597 $ 49.00A.W. Co., Waltham 8 size keywind and keyset from the back, Wm Ellery, gilt plates, nickel balance wheel, will tick, 7 jewels #1,243,592, 1873 model, decent ss arabic dial with some hairlines. Missing one hand and one case screw. Hard to find model.
040.1598 $ 18.00New England Watch Co. 6/0s movement with duplex escapement, gilt platesdial withcolor and 2 hairlines, broken balance staff. This is the one on the left in the pictures.
040.1599 $ 14.00New England Watch Co. 3/0s movement with duplex escapement, Cavour model, nice dial, missing balance, balance cock and one hand, good for all other parts. This is the one on the right in the 2 pictures.
040.1603 $ 29.00Advance (Waltham 1888 model), 7 jewels, hunting, lever set, gilt plates, bad dial, hairspring needs levelling, may have rust, broken balance staff, looks complete.
040.1604 $ 24.00Illinois 8 size #529,399, 7 jewels, hunting, lever set, will tick, bad dial, missing hands.
040.1605 $ 20.00Elgin 16 size #19,685,206, 7 jewels, gilt plates, open face, broken balance staff and 4th wheel bit, missing 4 screws, dial and hands.
040.1606 $ 20.00New York Standard 18 size#3,534,893, 7 jewels, open face, lever set, broken balance staff, poor enamel dial, missing hands.
040.1608 $ 20.00New York Standard Watch Co. 6 size #075931, hunting, broken balance staff, missing2 hands and 2 case screws.
040.1610 $ 18.00Seth Thomas 6 size, 7 jewels, hunting, lever set, broken 4th wheel bit, missing hands, balance complete and upper balance jewels. Good for parts.
040.1612 $ 15.00Swiss bar movement, 17 ligne, will tick, has some surface rust spots, complete.
040.1616 $ 20.00New York Standard 6 size open face movement, 15 jewels, missing regulator and cap jewel assembly and 2 hands, will tick,
040.1618 $ 17.00Elgin 12 size hunting movement, 15 jewels, nickel plates, metal dial, broken balance staff, missing hands, roller and hairspring.
040.1619 $ 24.00Standard USA 16 size open face movement, 7 jewels, nickle plates, broken balance staff, poor dial, missing seconds hand
040.1638 $ 21.00New York Standard, 7 jewels, hunting case type, broken balance staff, missing 2 hands and one screw.
040.1640 $ 27.00New England Watch Company 12 size open face movement, ticks, near mint dial, seconds bit is broken, has stem set wheel and yellow gold filled crown also.