Wrist Watch Case and Strap Parts
Part #
Case1314 11 1/2 Ligne case for an AS1194 movement. (3 available) $20.00
Mat730 Watch band end piece assortment 900.629 $50.00
Mat795 Omega Deville and Unicoc crown assortment. $75.00
Mat807 Package of Elgin factory wristwatch crowns. Unopened. New-old-stock. $20.00
Mat785 Jules Borel assortment of rose gold colored crowns. $20.00
Mat793 Lot of cabuchon crowns. $40.00
Case1283 Hamilton gold filled 14/0-size case. Some wear to high points. $25.00
ww007 Metal and turquouis wristwatch bracelet. Appears to be silver but I don't see any metal content marking. Signed "HF 97". $50.00
Case1161 Ladies 3/0-size 10K gold filled Wadsworth case. Plain back. $25.00
Case1234 New-old-stock wrist watch case. According to the box these were in, it's a 10 1/2 Ligne case. (4 available) $10.00
Case1238 Base metal wrist watch case. New old stock. $15.00
Case1239 Base metal wrist watch case. New old stock. $15.00
Case1170 0-size base metal wrist watch case. No crystal. $15.00
Case865 Wrist watch case. Appears to be for a 4/0 movement. No crystal. $20.00
wwc026 Chrome 10 1/2L waterproof watch case. New old stock. $20.00
Case1292 Star Watch Case. Used and showing wear on the high points. Looks like it held a 15/0 rectangular movement. $10.00
Mat774 New-old-stock Kreisler steel band with one extra link. $10.00
Mat614 16mm stainless deployment buckle. $5.00
wwc029 18mm TAG Heuer steel buckle. $10.00