Watch Repair Supplies
Part #
Rodico Bergeon Rodico. Factory fresh. $9.00 per bar
Simichrome polish. A gentle, non-abrasive polish, the best choice for polishing watch cases. $14.00
UVGlue Newall clear glass crystal adhesive. This is the best glue to use when glue is needed for crystal fitting. UV glue allows virtually unlimited working time to apply the glue, fit the crystal and clean up any squeeze-out. Once you are happy with the fit, just put the bezel in the sun for 10-15 minutes, or under a UV lamp for a few minutes and the glue will cure. $9.00
Polywatch polyWatch. Used for polishing scratches out of plastic watch crystals. $9.00
Mat800 Shellac shreads. $10.00
wt6500 Alcohol lamp wick. (4 available) $2.00 per wick
CeriumOxide Approximately 1 oz. cerium oxide. (For larger quantities of cerium oxide, I suggest or you might try your local glass supplier.) Click here to read about using cerium oxide to remove etch marks from glass crystals. $9.00