Balance Truing and Poising Tools
Part #
wt10509 Bergeon No 2566 balance screw holders. Excellent condition. $135.00
wt10231 Watch-Craft balance screw cutters. This is the type that cuts a cone in the top of the screw. $25.00
wt10417 Balance screw undercutter. Only 3 posts are left, but they are the largest 3 for pocket watches. Those 3 are in pretty good condition. $10.00
wt10344 Marsh balance screw undercutter. $10.00
wt10328 Bergeon #30548 balance caliper. Note that the set screw has been replaced, but still works. $45.00
wt9774 Levin truing caliper. $85.00
wt10843 Balance screw holder - small. $10.00
wt10845 Balance screw holder - small. $10.00
wt10829 Balance wrench. $5.00
wt10314 Balance wrench. $5.00
wt10315 Balance wrench. $5.00
wt10321 Balance wrench. $5.00
wt10254 Balance wrench. $5.00
wt9672 Balance wrench. $5.00
wt10825 Balance wrench. $5.00
wt10442 Balance wrench. $5.00
wt10495 Levin caliper. $30.00
wt10494 Bergeon No. 4000 caliper. $40.00
wt10493 Marshall caliper. $15.00
wt10239 Bergeon truing caliper $20.00
wt10723 Truing caliper $20.00
wt10798 Truing caliper. Has legs allowing it to be used as a poising tool. $20.00
wt10790 Truing caliper $15.00
wt10784 K&D #406 small truing caliper $12.00
wt10857 Truing caliper $10.00
wt10791 Truing caliper $10.00
wt10722 Truing caliper $10.00
wt10296 Watch-Craft truing caliper $15.00
wt10293 Truing caliper $15.00
wt10300 E.F.B & Co. truing caliper $15.00
wt10297 Small wristwatch sized GF truing caliper $15.00
wt10295 Truing caliper $15.00
wt10298 Brass truing caliper $5.00
wt6967 Truing caliper $10.00
wt2511 Caliper $5.00
Tool234 E.F.B. style caliper. Missing guide. $3.00
wt10524 Basic brass caliper. (2 available) $3.00