Swiss Pocket and Wrist Watch Dials
Part #
Dial476 Beautiful snap-on dial for J. Dean Hawley of Syracuse, NY. 43mm diameter. $60.00

Snap-on dial for Forsyth & Hoffman of Philadelphia. 43mm diameter.

One hairline going out through the 10 minute mark.

Dial1149 Snap-on dial for A. Huguenin & Sons, Locle. 46mm diameter. $40.00

Un-sunk Corona Chronometer dial. 42.2mm diameter.

No hairlines.

Dial1150 Double-sunk (center is just pressed in) private label dial for David the Jeweler of Portland Oregon. 37.68mm diameter. Two dial feet at 5.0 and 29.5. $15.00
Dial936 Sandoz-Vuille metal dial with raised gold numbers. 2 feet at 2.5 and 35.5. $15.00
Dial609 Cobden London dial for a pocket watch with compass. $15.00
Dial534 Swiss calendar dial. $15.00
Dial691 18-size choo-choo dial. 45.4mm. $15.00
Dial689 18-size choo-choo dial. 45.2mm. $15.00
Dial489 18-size choo-choo dial. 45.4mm. $15.00
Dial496 James Perret, Locle dial. 45.2mm. $15.00

Borel & Courvoisier dial. 42.9mm diameter.

Chip outside the 12 minute mark.


Dial marked only with a serial number. 38.3mm diameter.

No hairlines.


Swiss fancy dial. 34.2mm diameter.

Hairline across the middle.


Swiss fancy dial. 28.8mm diameter.

Hairlines in the 50-60 minute area.

Dial486 Swiss fancy dial. 40.1mm diameter. Screw mount. (Screw hole outside the 8 minute mark.) $10.00
Dial968 Wizard fancy dial. 28.9mm diameter. $10.00
Dial480 Swiss fancy dial. 21.9mm diameter. $15.00
Dial479 Small Swiss black dial. 22.8mm diameter. $10.00
Dial485 Small Swiss dial. 22.8mm diameter. $10.00

Crown red-12 wristwatch dial. 27.1mm diameter.

Gouge near the center and hairline outside the '4'.

Dial517 Un-marked fancy 18-size dial. Chips around the seconds hole. $8.00
Dial477 Ohio Watch Company Swiss fake dial. 18-size. $10.00
Dial498 Bristol Watch Company Swiss fake dial. 18-size. $10.00
Dial432 Swiss 'Enigma' fancy 16S dial. 2 dial feet at 8 and 36. $10.00
Dial336 New-old-stock Bulova dial. 28.0mm diameter. Raised gold numbers and brushed background. $12.00
Dial158 Gruen painted metal dial with raised gold numbers. Appears to be used, but very nice condition. A little dirt and a small outward ding outside the '5'. 27.6mm x 18.6mm. $15.00

'ATLAS' single-sunk (pressed in) 28.6mm. Dial feet at 21.0, 41.5, 54.8.

No hairlines.