Roller Removers
Part #
wt10162 Roller remover. $35.00
wt10830 Roller remover. At one time, there were extra bits in the handle. These are missing. $30.00
wt10759 Moseley roller remover. $30.00
wt10232 Moseley roller remover. $30.00
wt10599 Roller removers. $15.00
wt10600 Roller remover $15.00
wt10601 Roller remover. Worn but still usable. $8.00
wt10787 Roller remover. $30.00
wt10386 Roller remover. $30.00
wt10379 Pair of roller removers. $20.00
wt9985 Wrist watch roller remover. $125.00
wt9708 Marshall roller remover. $50.00
wt9157 Roller remover. $20.00
wt8776 Spring loaded roller remover. (2 available) $25.00