Pocket Watch Cases
Part #
18-Size Cases
Case1261 18-size, 6 ounce, Keystone coin silver hunting case for a keywind movement. Covers open precisely to 90 degrees. Pusher has no cap but is functional. $275.00
Case1221 18-size, 4 ounce coin silver, Bay State Imperial keywind case. Faux crown. Crystal has some scratches. $110.00
Case1367 18-size keywind Silveride case. Hinged back and bezel. Thick crystal with scratches. $50.00
Case1348 18-size Illinois Spartan base metal case. Screw back and bezel. Lever or pendant set. New crystal. $50.00
Case1354 18-size Crescent nickel swingout case. Lever or pendant set. New crystal. $45.00

18-size Crescent nickel swingout case. Lever or pendant set.

Someone has scratched 'NO' on the back.

Case1335 18-size base metal case. Lever or pendant set. $35.00
Case1289 18-size display case. Either it never had a stem installed, or it held a movement that had a detent stem as there is no retention screw in the pendant. Nice crystals. Crown included. No provision for a bow. $50.00
Case1296 18-size Star nickel swingout case. Includes a bunch of stem parts but no crown or crystal. Lever or pendant set. Nice safety bow. $45.00
Case1247 18-size Defiance base metal open face case. Lever or pendant set. Screw back and bezel. New crystal. $30.00
Case1297 18-size Keystone base metal case. Lever or pendant set. No crown/stem/sleeve or crystal. Worn. $15.00
16-Size Cases
14-Size Cases
12-Size Cases
Case1340 12-size base metal case. $20.00
Case1313 12-size base metal case. Missing stem/sleeve/crown and crystal. $10.00
Case1051 12-size miner's outer case. Will hold most 12-size watches. No crystal. $10.00
10-Size Cases
8-Size Cases
6-Size Cases
Case1356 6-size Philadelphia oversized silveroid hunting case. Complete. Latch needs some work as some help from your fingernail is needed to open the front cover. $60.00
Case1355 6-size Crescent sterling silver open face case. New crystal. $50.00
Case1294 6-size Illinois Watch Case Co 'spread' base metal case. Some wear. New crystal. $25.00
Case1217 Heavy 6-size jeweler's display case. I have heard that these were used by Aurora. $25.00
Case1126 6-size (or slightly smaller) Ajax case protector. This one is closed on both sides. $15.00
0-Size and Smaller Cases
Case1341 0-size display case. $50.00
Case1056 Small sample case. Holds an American 4/0 size movement but given its age is probably designed for a Swiss equivalent. Green gunk but should polish up nicely. Needs crown and stem. $40.00
Case928 Small sample case, possibly for A. Wittnauer. No stem, sleeve or crown. Overall width is 36mm. $40.00
Case796 Base metal nun's watch case with inscription inside. Appears to be an odd European size, around a 3/0. Set up for a detent stem (no threads in the pendant). Plain back. No stem or sleeve. $30.00
European Cases
Case1305 Interesting display case. Screw bezels and a hole for a stem. 37.8mm inside diameter. $40.00
Case1302 European sized Berna Watch Company case. 42.26 pillar plate, 39.0mm top plate. Snap bezel, hinged back. Not sure how this sets as there is a pendant set screw and no lever slot. No crystal. $25.00
Case1225 Case that was once silver plated. For a hinged movement. Diameter of hinge ring is 43.7mm. $20.00
Case929 English sterling silver fusee case with hinged silver dial. Dial diameter is 45.2mm. New crystal. $65.00
Case1287 English outer case. Gold color - probably gilt or pinchbeck. 44.9mm opening. $20.00
Case1074 Small outer case to a pair case. No marks as to metal content or origin. 45.5 outer diameter. $20.00
Case1290 Miner's outer protective case. 53mm outer diameter. Plastic crystal. Has a watch paper in back, but 50% loss of printing. Lumpy back. $10.00