Pocket Watch Cases
Part #
18-Size Cases
Case1261 18-size, 6 ounce, Keystone coin silver hunting case for a keywind movement. Covers open precisely to 90 degrees. Pusher has no cap but is functional. $275.00
Case1253 18-size, 3 ounce, M.W.C.Co. coin silver open face case. Screw back and bezel. Pendant set only. New crystal. $80.00
Case1221 18-size, 4 ounce coin silver, Bay State Imperial keywind case. Faux crown. Crystal has some scratches. $110.00
Case1244 18-size silveroid "seamless" open face case. Pendant set only. Screw bezel and back. New crystal. $75.00
Case1259 18-size A.W.Co nickel open face swingout case. Pendant set only (no lever slot). New extra-thick crystal. $40.00
Case1247 18-size Defiance base metal open face case. Lever or pendant set. Screw back and bezel. New crystal. $30.00
Case1209 18-size Dueber silverine open face case. Lever or pendant set. Hinged back and bezel. Flat thick crystal has chips. $40.00

18-size Illinois Spartan base metal case. Lever set. (Crown won't pull up for pendant setting.)

Incorrect worn bow.

Case1227 18-size Illinois base metal case. Worn. Lever or pendant set. New crystal. Needs crown and stem. $15.00
Case1216 Heavy 18-size jeweler's display case. I have heard that these were used by Aurora. $30.00
16-Size Cases

New-old-stock Star Watch Case Company case. These probably go to a specific movement, but I don't know what. They are 16-size and have a female stem. It seems the crown would press down once the movement is installed, so it might be for some sort of timer. Hinged back and cuvette. Snap front bezel. (2 available)

Edit: A customer reports that this case is probably for the Elgin A-8 military navigation timer.

14-Size Cases
12-Size Cases
Case1245 Defiance 12-size base metal case. Pendant set. Snap back and bezel. New crystal. $35.00
Case1240 12-size Illinois Rolled Gold Plate case. Snap back and bezel. New crystal. Missing crown and stem. $20.00
Case1051 12-size miner's outer case. Will hold most 12-size watches. No crystal. $20.00
10-Size Cases
8-Size Cases
6-Size Cases
Case1217 Heavy 6-size jeweler's display case. I have heard that these were used by Aurora. $25.00
Case1126 6-size (or slightly smaller) Ajax case protector. This one is closed on both sides. $15.00
0-Size and Smaller Cases
Case1056 Small sample case. Holds an American 4/0 size movement but given its age is probably designed for a Swiss equivalent. Green gunk but should polish up nicely. Needs crown and stem. $40.00
Case928 Small sample case, possibly for A. Wittnauer. No stem, sleeve or crown. Overall width is 36mm. $40.00
Case796 Base metal nun's watch case with inscription inside. Appears to be an odd European size, around a 3/0. Set up for a detent stem (no threads in the pendant). Plain back. No stem or sleeve. $30.00
European Cases
Case1225 Case that was once silver plated. For a hinged movement. Diameter of hinge ring is 43.7mm. $20.00
Case1236 Silver plated European case for a "Patent" keywind movement. Rear opening is 44.5mm. No crystal, but bezel is there. $25.00
Case929 English sterling silver fusee case with hinged silver dial. Dial diameter is 45.2mm. New crystal. $65.00
Case1074 Small outer case to a pair case. No marks as to metal content or origin. 45.5 outer diameter. $20.00