Part #
wt8222 Bow closing plier for smaller bows. $30.00
wt10053 Bow closing plier for smaller bows. $30.00
wt8862 Bow closing pliers. $25.00
wt8045 Bow closing pliers. $25.00
wt8820 Bow closing pliers. $20.00
wt6527 Bow closing pliers. $30.00
wt5819 Bow opening pliers. $30.00
wt9331 Mainspring punch. $20.00
wt9634 Punch $25.00
wt8766 Specialty pliers. $20.00
wt8680 Specialty pliers. $15.00
wt10842 Second hand pliers. $15.00
wt8436 Specialty pliers. Leather pad on one side. $15.00
wt8319 Mainspring barrel punch. For small barrels. $25.00
wt9004 Specialty cutting plier. $15.00
wt7894 Specialty cutting plier. $15.00
wt10525 Specialty plier. $20.00
wt9916 Specialty plier. $15.00
wt10783 Prong pliers. $10.00
wt10779 Specialty pliers. $10.00
wt10777 Round parallel pliers. $10.00
wt10529 Locking smooth jaw plier. $10.00
wt9925 Smooth jaw small plier. $10.00
wt10257 Rough jaw small plier. $10.00
wt10258 Round nose pliers. $10.00
wt9926 Large round nose pliers. $10.00
wt7921 Specialty plier. $10.00
wt4857 Specialty plier. $30.00
wt4855 Dumont #22 plier. $25.00
wt9893 Long nose plier. $10.00
wt9899 Specialty parallel plier. $10.00
wt9898 Specialty parallel plier. $10.00
wt9891 Specialty plier. $10.00
wt9889 Smooth jaw plier. $10.00
wt4733 Specialty plier. Front edge is curved. (2 available) $10.00
wt4731 HR specialty plier. $10.00
wt4750 Specialty plier. Small half-round channel goes down the center of each jaw. $20.00
wt6269 Specialty plier. $20.00
wt9595 Pair of hemostats. One straight, one curved. $10.00
wt8670 Pair of hemostats. $10.00
wt8769 Pair of hemostats. $10.00
wt9596 Hemostat $6.00
wt10311 Long needle-nose pliers $8.00
wt10624 Craftsman cutters. (2 available) $5.00
wt10312 Craftsman cutters. $5.00
wt8396 Half round plier. One jaw smooth/flat the other curved. $15.00
wt7842 Half round plier. One jaw smooth/flat the other curved. $15.00
wt9339 Antique plier. $10.00
wt7843 Specialty plier. $15.00
wt8355 Round nosed pliers. $10.00
wt7402 Round nosed pliers. Medium. $10.00
wt9612 Pliers and cutter. Made in China. $8.00
wt7893 Smooth jaw pliers. $5.00
wt7342 Cutter $5.00
wt7029 Specialty parallel punch. (4 available) $10.00
wt4158 Hawk bill plier. Curved end has been ground shorter. $25.00
wt7316 Specialty plier. $10.00
wt6973 Slit cutting plier. (3 available) $10.00
wt7985 Specialty plier. (2 available) $10.00
wt7443 Round nose plier with cutter. $8.00
wt6931 Swiss multi-tool. $10.00
wt3927 Stone setting plier. (2 available) $10.00
wt1526 Waterproof case opening pliers. (4 available) $8.00
wt1453 Waterproof case opening pliers. $8.00
wt1541 Clip-on earring tension pliers. (2 available) $10.00
Tool164 Antique Klein Tools wire cutters with wire stripping hole. $8.00