Mystery Tools and Other Stuff
Part #
wt10096 Watch sized depthing tool. $25.00
wt9692 Bergeon #30209 broken screw removal tool. Only the one bit included. $80.00
wt10132 Puller. $15.00
wt10133 Puller. $20.00
wt9664 Bergeon #7010 probe stick $10.00
wt10080 Blower. $10.00
wt9673 Compass $5.00
wt9915 E-Z socket wrenches. $10.00
wt9633 Mystery tool $25.00
wt9629 Mystery tool $30.00
wt9623 Set of carving tools. Probably for clay or wax. $5.00
wt9277 Battery change set. $10.00
wt9388 Antique level. $20.00

Fountain pen holder for the Regal Franklin Signet Embosser.

Additional shipping charge applies.

wt8431 Clamping tool. $10.00
wt9021 Tool with small spoon on one end and pick at the other. $10.00
wt9026 Electrical contact burnisher. Extra steel burnishing strips stored in the handle. $20.00
wt9050 European to American plug converter. New. (3 available) $5.00
wt8197 Diamond tipped tool. $20.00
wt8528 Diamond tipped scribe. $20.00
wt9341 Scribe. $8.00
wt9342 Scribe. $8.00
wt8202 Glass cutting tool. $5.00
wt8203 Clamp set for Dazor lamp. $10.00
wt7891 'Favorite' brand tool set. $75.00
wt8151 Black & Decker polishing accessory set. $15.00
wt7801 Mystery tools. $20.00
wt7656 Powa-Kraft punch set $5.00
wt6540 Cutting device for repeat cutting of small tubes. See patent 2121752 for information on how it works. Needs a bit of cleaning up. $50.00


Cast iron clamp-on bench plate.

Additional shipping charge applies.

wt6713 Mystery tool. $25.00
wt5953 Mystery tool. Opens like a movement holder. $40.00
wt8534 Wire bending tool. $5.00
wt8531 Clamp $5.00
wt8015 Set of 3 plug adapters. $10.00
wt7982 Stanley line level. $5.00
wt8038 Line level. $5.00
wt6234 Plastic level. $5.00
wt7879 Level. $3.00
wt6732 Fitrite tool. $5.00
wt6331 Set of two screwhead finishing runners. $30.00
wt6511 Antique mystery tool. $10.00
wt6906 Vigor carbide scribe replacement tip. (2 available) $8.00
wt5417 Anealing tool. $15.00
wt5152 L 970 499.9 tool. $15.00
wt5151 EBA 200.9 tool $15.00
wt9984 Balance tack. $10.00
wt5364 Balance tack. $10.00
wt9598 Balance tack for wrist watches. $10.00
wt6982 Balance tack. $8.00
wt8413 Tongs. Brass with steel tips. $15.00
wt4655 Mystery tool. $25.00
wt4651 Ticket punch. $15.00
wt7449 Plumb bob. $10.00
wt4654 Mystery tool. $10.00
wt5538 Small clamp $10.00
wt10017 Martin #60B screw plate. $30.00
wt9265 Martin #60L screw plate. $30.00
wt10037 Martin #48B screw plate. $25.00
wt10038 Martin #40L screw plate. $25.00
wt9266 Perrelet & Martin #34 screw plate. $30.00
wt9844 Martin #30B screw plate. $15.00
wt10129 Martin #24R screw plate. $15.00
wt9845 Screw plate. $15.00
wt4515 Screw plate. $15.00
wt4048 Screw plate. $10.00
wt9942 Screw plate. $15.00
wt3751 Mystery tool. $5.00
wt3480 Mystery tool. $8.00
wt3297 Mystery tool. $5.00
wt1694 Pin tongue vise. $25.00
wt1682 Linotype machine justifying spacer. Patent #1635960 $10.00
wt1658 Mystery tool $5.00