Omega Tools and Parts
Part #
wt10908 Antique Omega case knife by Huguenin. $270.00
wt9759 JulesBorel opener dies for Omega. $125.00
wt10507 Horotec oscillating weight release tool. Omega ETA 2892/7750 $90.00
wt10496 Omega 8-sided tube key #2000 002. OM-845 $20.00
wt10497 Omega day star wheel tool. OM-855 $10.00

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean bezel. Used but in excellent condition. Under magnification, I can see some minor scratching on the gnurled points. I see no marks on the black field. 43.5mm outside diameter, 32.6mm inside diameter. $290.00

Omega Seamaster 300 bezel. Used but in very good condition. You can see a couple of marks around the 9 minute mark. Otherwise, quite nice. 37.4mm outside diameter, 29.6mm inside diameter. $225.00
Mat712 Omega Speedmaster Tachymetre bezel. Not in the best condition. The left side shows quite a bit of wear on the outer half of the ring. 39.7mm outside diameter, 34.5mm inside diameter. $40.00
Mat717 Omega Speedmaster used pusher set. I don't know what reference this is for. $150.00

Omega Constellation link. New. The package has been opened in the center, but all parts appear to be present. Reference 114 DB 6553. $80.00
Mat710 Omega Seamaster pusher. New. Reference 086SU0132. $75.00

Omega Speedmaster crown. New. Reference 069ST43069. $60.00
Mat746 Omega crown 069 SX 42082. New. $25.00
Mat739 Omega crown 069 SX 42082. New. $25.00
Mat744 Omega crown #1059. 5.0mm diameter. New. $25.00
Mat727 Set of Omega links. 12mm. $80.00
Mat726 Set of Omega links. 12mm. $40.00
Mat724 Omega clasp link. 12mm. $25.00
Mat725 Omega link. 12mm. $15.00
Mat743 Omega link. 12mm. $20.00
Mat737 Package of 4 Omega stems 1432-9100 $25.00
Mat740 Omega stem 102ST9006 $10.00
Mat745 Omega female stem $10.00
Mat723 Omega 5139 crystal. New. $15.00