Odds 'n Ends
Part #
A1137 Gold filled Moose Lodge stickpin. Tooth is 1/4 inch wide. Some gold loss on the back. Looks great from the front. $35.00
wt6927 Antique bone, brass and steel drafting tool. $10.00
Mat608 Vintage Colibri lighter repair kit. $40.00
wt10941 Ronson lighter adjustment wrench. $5.00
wt4821 Antique carbon arc light 'rheostat'. Complete except for the carbon rods. $40.00
A1108 Set of 5 patriotic pins. $10.00
A1104 Pair of antique PSAL (Public School Athletic League) buttons. $10.00
A1089 Pair of new ladies' wristwatch cases. $10.00