Material Assortments
Part #
Mat660 Wrist watch dial washers. $10.00
Mat655 Pocket watch dial washers. $15.00
Mat426 Packet of pocket watch dial washers. (6 available) $10.00
Mat665 Bestfit Shock material #400. I sampled several envelopes and all were either sealed or had a part in them. Looks to be a good assortment. Unfortunately, no key included. $150.00
Mat663 Regulator pins. $25.00
Mat450 Assortment of wrist watch hairspring collets. $20.00
Mat507 Assortment of 25 pocket watch roller tables. Probably a LaRose assortment. (15 available) $20.00
Mat509 Assortment of 10 pocket watch safety rollers. Probably a LaRose assortment. (3 available) $20.00
Mat445 Chronograph pusher caps and springs. $25.00
Mat376 Assortment of waterproof pendant posts. $10.00
Mat448 Assortment of case tubes. $10.00
Mat446 Assortment of case tubes. About a dozen. $10.00
Mat549 2 pieces of drill rod, 1/4 inch and 1/8 inch diameter. $10.00
Mat465 Lead or possibly solder wires. $8.00
Mat648 Pivot wire. $10.00
Mat382 Assortment of Seiko spring bars. $20.00
Mat318 Assortment of dial washers for smaller watches. (3 available) $10.00
Mat232 Bestfit assortment of swiss rollers with jewel. Only 2 empty bottles. $35.00
Mat235 Fitrite #110 assortment of bracelet watch stems. Two missing bottles and one empty. $60.00
Mat542 Bulova assortment of staffs, stems and mainsprings. $75.00
Mat543 Bulova crown and gasket kit. $40.00
Mat378 Bulova assortment of water resistant crowns. $15.00
Mat397 Swartchild stem assortment. $20.00
Mat379 Gasket assortment for waterproof cases. $10.00
Mat231 Bestfit assortment of Swiss pin lever stems. Every bottle has at least one stem. About half have two. $30.00
Mat216 Assortment of Newall waterproof case tubes. $20.00
Mat579 Assortment of double shoulder spring bars. $10.00
Mat373 Assortment of nickel adjustable spring bars. Gold tips. $10.00
Mat374 Assortment of double shoulder spring bars. $10.00
Mat369 Assortment of Bergeon waterproof rubber tightening rings. 27 left. $20.00
Mat368 Assortment of Bergeon waterproof thin tightening rings. 14 left. $20.00
Mat371 Assortment of Borel waterproof gaskets. $30.00
Mat212 Assortment of waterproof gaskets. $20.00
Mat211 Assortment of Swartchild waterproof gaskets. $20.00
Mat304 Assortment of Borel waterproof gaskets. $10.00
Mat189 Steel spring wire. Sizes available are 16, 18, 24, 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40. $10.00 per size
Mat190 Brass tension wire. Sizes available are 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29. $8.00 per size
Mat166 Borel assortment of thin o-ring gaskets. $25.00
Mat198 Bottle of small nickel rivets. $10.00
Mat077 Assortment of pin lever balance staffs. (2 available) $25.00
Mat017 Assortment of hairspring stud taper pins. At least 15 pins in each assortment. $8.00
Mat656 Replacement solid copper dial feet. 12 feet. $8.00
Mat018 Replacement hollow copper dial feet. 20 feet. $5.00