Material Assortments - Jewels
Part #
American Jewels Plate or balance jewels, mounted in bezels, for American pocket and bracelet watches. Specify make and grade (or serial number). $10.00 each
Seitz Jewels We stock Seitz balance, plate, center and end jewels. Please specify type (plate, balance, cap, end), outer diameter and hole diameter. $8.00 per jewel
Roller Jewels Need one roller jewel or several? All sizes of 'D' shaped roller jewels are kept in stock. Just provide me with the width and length in hundredths of a millimeter (or, let me know if it is a single roller or double roller). The correct way to measure the width, if you don't have the original roller jewel, is to measure the width of the pallet fork slot and subtract about .02mm. $6.00 each
Mat821 Lot of smaller roller jewels for wrist watches. $25.00