Hamilton Parts Movements
Part #
PM3657 Hamilton 18-size single roller table with jewel. (2 available) $12.00
PM3691 Hamilton 18-size HC gold flashed regulator. (1 available) $15.00
PM3313 Hamilton 18-size HC regulator. (7 available) $15.00
PM2715 Hamilton Ball ratchet wheel. New-old-stock from LaRose. $30.00
PM3679 Hamilton 16-size single roller table with jewel. $12.00
PM3671 Hamilton 16-size micrometer regulator screw. (1 available) $10.00 each
PM3403 Hamilton 16 size short detent stem. (3 available) $10.00 each
PM2398 Hamilton 16 size single roller pallet fork. (1 available) $20.00

Hamilton 914 movement. Serial number 1771666.

Missing hairspring and roller table. Good staff. Broken center and 4th pivots.

PM3699 Hamilton 12-size balance complete. Double roller. I'm having some trouble reading a couple of the serial number digits under the arms, but appears to be from a 910. $45.00
PM3696 Hamilton 12-size hairspring. $15.00
pm3751 Hamilton new-old-stock grade 500 electric balance complete. $75.00
pm3752 Hamilton grade 505 electric balance complete. Package says 'Repaired'. $50.00
pm3750 Hamilton Electric case. Came out of a box marked "505". $40.00
PM3703 Hamilton grade 980 movement. Balance seems OK, just overbanked. $25.00
PM3700 Hamilton 21/0-size balance complete. $25.00
PM2608 Hamilton 751 balance complete. $15.00
PM017 17 jewel, 750 movement. Missing balance parts. $6.00