Hamilton Parts Movements
Part #
PM3313 Hamilton 18-size HC regulator. (2 available) $15.00

Hamilton 974 17 jewel. S# 874241.

Not running due to a broken balance staff. Broken whip regulator spring.

PM3622 Hamilton ivory cigarette box case. Missing the seal and the top inner felt liner. Tiny chip on the seal side by the hinge. $90.00
PM3602 Hamilton 16-size double-roller balance complete for 950, etc. $80.00
PM2715 Hamilton Ball ratchet wheel. New-old-stock from LaRose. $30.00
PM3403 Hamilton 16 size short detent stem. (6 available) $10.00 each
PM2398 Hamilton 16 size single roller pallet fork. (2 available) $20.00

Hamilton 914 movement. Serial number 1771666.

Missing hairspring and roller table. Good staff. Broken center and 4th pivots.

PM2608 Hamilton 751 balance complete. $15.00
PM017 17 jewel, 750 movement. Missing balance parts. $6.00