Drills, Burrs, Millers, Broaches
Part #

Lot of 33 high speed steel end mills. Most are either unused or barely used. Sizes range from about 1/8 to 3/8 inch.

Additional shipping charge applies.

wt10408 1/8", 3/16", and 3/8" end mills. $20.00
wt10488 Set of mid-sized cutting broaches. $25.00
wt10553 Bergeon No 1896-C broach set. $30.00
wt10813 Bergeon cutter set. 3 bits missing. $180.00
wt10289 Bergeon double-ended cutter. $20.00
wt10313 Bergeon double-ended cutter. $15.00
wt10334 Double-ended cutter. $10.00
wt10539 Cutter set. $20.00
wt10393 Random set of broaches. $20.00

Pivot drills. Photo shows size range. I did not open every envelope. Some packets are not full and I did find a few broken bits. $50.00
wt10689 Pivot drill arbor set. Only a few tubes had drills. $25.00
wt10690 Pivot drill arbor set. I sampled some tubes and did not find any drills. $25.00
wt10691 Pivot drill jig. $20.00
wt10692 Pivot drill jig. $25.00
wt10383 Pivot drills with some reamers. $25.00
wt10441 Pivot drill bits. $15.00
wt11095 Partial pivot drill set. $10.00
wt10182 Partial pivot drill sets. $10.00
wt10273 Partial pivot drill set. $10.00
wt10538 Partial pivot drill sets. $10.00
wt10537 Partial pivot drill set. $10.00
wt10410 Bassett drill. $5.00
wt10274 Partial drill index sets. $10.00
wt10412 Assortment of taps. $25.00
wt9567 Set of 12 Hy-Pro taps. New-old-stock. See label for sizing. (2 boxes available) $45.00
wt9566 Set of 12 Hy-Pro taps. New-old-stock. See label for sizing. $45.00
wt9568 Set of 12 Hy-Pro taps. New-old-stock. See label for sizing. $45.00
wt9065 Set of fluted drill points. $10.00
wt9108 Small drill index. $10.00
wt10409 Cylindrical burr. $5.00
wt9047 Countersink set. $10.00
wt10750 Countersink with stop. $10.00
wt9049 Countersink $5.00
wt10389 Countersink $5.00
wt9645 Antique counterbore tool. $50.00
wt9207 Martin 36L screwplate. 4 small holes are plugged. $15.00
wt8048 Set of 3 M5 taps. $10.00
wt8767 Circle cutter. $10.00
wt7886 1/4 x 3/8 mill. $15.00
wt7790 Countersink bit. $5.00
wt8146 Pair of cutting broaches ideally sized for broaching watch hands. Well made with metal handles. New-old-stock. (1 pair available) $10.00 per pair.
wt7280 Countersink bits. $10.00
wt8057 Jacobs chuck. $10.00