Drills, Burrs, Millers, Broaches
Part #
wt8779 Bergeon #30005 fluted smoothing broaches. Note that the 2 smallest are broken. Others are good. $160.00
wt8860 Bergeon #4254 broach set $75.00
wt9024 Foredom No. 35 high speed handpiece. $95.00
wt9023 Large lot of Foredom collets. $80.00
wt9065 Set of fluted drill points. $10.00
wt9052 Small drill index. (2 available) $10.00
wt9108 Small drill index. $10.00
wt9045 Small drill index. $5.00
wt9046 Reamer set. $20.00
wt9280 Set of plug cutters. $15.00
wt9047 Countersink set. $10.00
wt9049 Countersink $5.00
wt8812 Pivot drill set. $50.00
wt8813 Pivot drill set. $50.00
wt9207 Martin 36L screwplate. 4 small holes are plugged. $15.00
wt5751 QuickFit assortment of screws, drills and taps. $20.00
wt8048 Set of 3 M5 taps. $10.00
wt8767 Circle cutter. $10.00
wt8046 Leather punch set. New. $8.00
wt7886 1/4 x 3/8 mill. $20.00
wt8017 Set of antique burrs. $20.00
wt7898 Set of antique burrs. Dirty, but cutting surfaces look good. $15.00
wt8148 Set of antique burrs. Dirty, but cutting surfaces look good. $10.00
wt7790 Countersink bit. $5.00
wt8146 Pair of cutting broaches ideally sized for broaching watch hands. Well made with metal handles. New-old-stock. (4 pair available) $10.00 per pair.
wt7676 Stanley #139 3/4 inch countersink bit. $5.00
wt7280 Countersink bits. $10.00
wt8810 Set of long pivot drills. $20.00
wt4786 Antique extractors. $15.00
wt8057 Jacobs chuck. $10.00
wt8056 Chuck $10.00