Collectable Watches and Movements

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Part #
Photo and Description

Cornell 18-size, 'John Evans' grade, keywind/keyset pocket watch. Serial number 13536. Housed in a 3 or 4 ounce coin silver case. Not running but balance seems OK.


Illinois 18-size, model 6, grade 64, 15 jewel, 'King Special' pocket watch. Serial number 1373401. Housed in a Illinois Watch Case nickel silver case. Running but service history unknown.


Hebdomas 8-day pocket watch. Running nicely but service history is unknown.


Hebdomas 8-day pocket watch. Housed in what appears to be an aluminum hunting case. (No metal content is indicated on the case.) Unfortunately, the bezel does not want to stay on, so some attention is needed there. Missing a hand. Other than that, a beautiful watch. Running nicely but service history is unknown.


Waltham 18-size model 1892 21 Ruby jewel pocket watch. Serial number 9008977. Housed in a Elgin Napolean gold filled case with some brassing on the pendant. Tip is broken off the minute hand. Running but not recently serviced.