Clock Repair Tools
Part #

22 years of the "Clockmakers Newsletter". In nice condition and nicely organized.

Shipping will be about $20 if you just want the newsletters in the hanging folders. If you also want the plastic folder case, shipping will probably be $40-50.

wt10286 Horolovar 400-day beat adjustment tool. $20.00
wt10738 Extra large broach set. $30.00
wt10737 Cutting broach set. $20.00
wt10739 Smoothing broaches. $20.00
wt11016 Pair of punches for installing clock cannon pinions. $15.00
wt11015 Vigor Universal Electric Clock Rotor Remover. $12.00
wt11014 Wire bender. $8.00
wt11017 Wire bender or pivot locator. $8.00
wt10304 Economy mainspring winder $8.00
wt10346 Economy mainspring winder $8.00
wt10275 Automatic clock oiler. $10.00
wt9332 KK System hole gauge. .25mm to 1.80mm, although the .25mm pin is broken. All other pins are OK. $40.00

Clock movement holder? Unusual top piece for some special application.

Additional shipping charge applies.

wt9758 Clock hole closing punches. $40.00

Excellent set of Marples chisels.

Additional shipping charge applies.

wt10384 Hand puller. $10.00
wt10245 Hand puller. $10.00
wt9385 Hand puller. $8.00
wt10387 Hand puller. $8.00
wt10388 Small hand puller. Surface rust. $8.00
wt10484 Hand puller. $8.00
wt10485 Hand puller. $8.00
wt10926 Small hand puller. $5.00
wt8881 Set of hole closing punches. $35.00
wt8636 Pivot locator. $10.00
wt10794 Pivot file. $10.00
wt8091 Pivot burnisher. $10.00
wt7385 Handle for Bergeon No. 30078. $60.00
wt7118 Homemade pivot locator. $5.00
wt5512 Antique pocket oiler. $10.00
wt5314 Hand/wheel puller. $10.00