Watch Case Tools
Part #
wt10895 Rare watch case hinge pin pusher c. 1910. Like new condition. See patent #945,442 for more information. $250.00
wt10704 Bergeon No. 5538 Rolex opener set for the No. 5700. Missing the adapter and one ring. $75.00
wt10651 Horotec 07.332 Panerai die for the Bergeon 5700 case back tool. $60.00
wt10652 Case back die for the Bergeon 5700. 15 sided. Approximately 38.2mm inside diameter measured from one point to the opposite flat. $50.00
wt10650 Case back die for the Bergeon 5700. 5 pins. Approximately 31mm pin diameter. (Not easy to measure the diameter on 5 pins.) $50.00
wt10508 Bergeon No. 5901-P27 Chrono pusher pendant tool. 3.65mm. $60.00

Bergeon No. 7001 universal die set for Baume & Mercier case backs. $245.00
wt9825 Horotec tool for screw on pushers and case tubes. $180.00

HR crystal press.

Additional shipping charge applies.


Tissot Seastar Seven keys.

Additional shipping charge applies.


Tissot case opening/closing tools.

Additional shipping charge applies.

wt10800 Bergeon No. 5011 air pump. Two tip sizes. $30.00

Rare set of Borel crystal removal/fitting tools. #'s 4 through 7 covering 23.5mm through 31.4mm.

Additional shipping charge applies.

wt11165 Breault's 30-second crystal changer. $30.00
wt11159 De Vries waterproof case opener. $25.00
wt10648 Bergeon No 5700 opener bits. $50.00
wt10513 Bergeon No 30409 A crown winder. $30.00
wt10514 Bergeon No 30409 C crown winder. $30.00
wt10515 Bergeon No 30409 D crown winder. $30.00
wt10597 YCLEF.004 crown winder. Fixed end for a specific watch, but I don't know which one. $15.00
wt10774 Stretch-It-On warmer for plastic crystals. Allows plastic crystals to be stretched slightly for a better fit. $25.00
wt10662 Huaxing waterproof case opener. Complete. $20.00
wt10655 Electro-Vise crystal inserting set. (2 available) $35.00
wt10657 Crystal inserting set. $25.00
wt10237 Bulova case opener. $10.00
wt11121 Crown tap gauge. $12.00
wt10139 Simplex watch cap stencils. $40.00
wt9663 Bergeon #30409A. Crown winder. 3.4mm closed. $15.00
wt9981 Set of crown reamers. $30.00

Watch case vise.

Additional shipping charge applies.

wt9099 Citizen snap end-piece set. $20.00
wt7897 Citizen snap end-piece set II. (3 available) $20.00
wt9453 Bulova 'L' case opener. (4 available) $10.00
wt9455 Bulova 'G' case opener. $10.00
wt9452 Bulova 'D' case opener. $10.00
wt8681 Gruen case opener. $20.00
wt11025 Star Watch Repair case opener. $10.00
wt11023 Plain case opener. $5.00
wt8695 Elgin case opener. May be green or blue. (1 available) $8.00
wt8147 Chinese case opener. $10.00
wt7096 Large crown reamer. $10.00
wt7934 Hamilton case tool. $25.00
wt5029 Case vise. $20.00
wt7014 Small sleeve wrench. $10.00
wt7057 Small sleeve wrench. Some tips are worn. $5.00
wt10372 Rotating small sleeve wrench. One tip broken. $5.00
wt7452 Wyler case closing rings. $10.00
wt9089 Lapwell case opener. (3 available) $5.00
wt6596 Wadsworth case opener. (8 available) $5.00
wt4907 Bulova 'L' opener. One tab is broken. $10.00
wt9608 Set of APEX case openers. $5.00
wt3603 G-S crystal fitting tool. (3 available) $8.00
wt2895 Caravelle opener. (3 available) $3.00