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22 years of the "Clockmakers Newsletter". In nice condition and nicely organized.

Shipping will be about $20 if you just want the newsletters in the hanging folders. If you also want the plastic folder case, shipping will probably be $40-50.

Book548 American Pocket Watches, Beginning to End by Ehrhardt and Meggers. $50.00
Book552 Trade Marks by Roy Ehrhardt. $65.00
Book550 Hampden Watch Company by James Hernick. $30.00
Book514 Practical Watch Repairing by Donald deCarle. 319 pages. $30.00
Book553 Practical Watch Repairing by Donald deCarle. 299 pages. $20.00
Book554 Modern Watch Repairing and Adjusting by the Paulson Press (various authors). 194 pages $30.00
Book192 The Modern Clock by Ward L. Goodrich. 502 pages. $20.00
Book537 Waltham Watch and Clock Material Catalog. 1958 edition. Fair condition. (2 available) $30.00
Book567 Elgin Material Catalog. Covers grades 1 through 673. $45.00
Book536 Elgin Serivce Bulletin. Contains repair information and parts lists for later movements. (2 available) $25.00
Book535 Elgin Serivce Bulletin. Contains repair information and parts lists for later movements. $25.00
Book544 Catalogue Ebauches SA $95.00
Book543 Catalogue ETA SA $95.00
Book551 Dictionnaire Horloger - Ebauches SA - 1976 edition. $95.00
Book568 Bestfit #111 and #111A catalogs. Poor condition but still usable. $35.00
Book565 Bestfit #111 catalog. Poor condition but still usable. $25.00
Book564 Bestfit Guide for Electric and Electronic Watches. 20 pages. $10.00
Book541 Omega parts catalog GF 620-5 $90.00
Book540 Omega parts catalog GF 620-4 $60.00
Book573 Seiko Watch Parts Catalog. (2 available) $40.00
Book575 Seiko Watch Technical Guide. $40.00
Book517 Saunier's Treatise on Modern Horology. 844 pages. $75.00
Book515 Clock and Watch Escapements by W. J. Gazeley. 294 pages. $35.00
Book332 Horological Wheel Cutting Engines (1700-1900). By Theodore R. Crom. 150 pages. Rare book in excellent condition. $125.00
Book343 Electric Clocks and Watches 1840-1960. Edited by Eliot Isaacs. 347 pages. Impossible to find and in excellent condition. $275.00
Book452 The Eureka Clock by Dr. Alan Shenton. 75 pages. $200.00
Book353 Mechanical Singing-Bird Tabatieres by Geoffrey T. Mayson. 256 pages. Extremely rare book in excellent condition. $650.00
Book397 The Watch of the Future by Rene Rondeau. 255 pages. Fourth Edition. (2 available) $95.00
Book459 Precision Pendulum Clocks by Derek Roberts. 288 pages. $60.00
Book456 French Bronze Clocks by Elke Niehuser. 267 pages. $75.00
Book457 The Ahrens Collection - Crott Auctions. Like new. $150.00
Book392 Ansonia Clocks and Watches by Tran Duy Ly. Includes 2004 price guide. (2 available) $60.00
Book389 Gilbert Clocks plus Supplement by Tran Duy Ly. Includes 2000 price guide.  
Book404 American Clocks Volume 1 by Tran Duy Ly. Includes 2000 price guide. (2 available) $35.00
Book402 American Clocks Volume 2 by Tran Duy Ly. Includes 2000 price guide. (2 available) $35.00
Book403 American Clocks Volume 3 by Tran Duy Ly. Includes 2002 price guide. (2 available) $35.00
Book399 Longcase Clocks and Standing Regulators by Tran Duy Ly. Includes 2000 price guide. (2 available) $35.00
Book396 Waterbury Clocks and Watches by Tran Duy Ly. Includes 2001 price guide. $35.00
Book419 Waterbury Clocks and Watches by Tran Duy Ly. No price guide. Paperback $20.00
Book398 New Haven Clocks and Watches by Tran Duy Ly. Includes 2000 price guide. $35.00
Book395 Ingraham Clocks and Watches by Tran Duy Ly. Includes 1999 price guide. $35.00
Book401 Sessions Clocks by Tran Duy Ly. Includes 2002 price guide. $35.00
Book394 Kroeber Clocks by Tran Duy Ly. Includes 2006 price guide. $50.00
Book391 Calendar Clocks by Tran Duy Ly. Includes 2000 price guide. $30.00
Book390 Gustav Becker Clocks by Tran Duy Ly. Includes 2000 price guide. $50.00
Book510 Novelty and Animated Pendulette Wall Clocks by Don and Alice Nicholson. 177 pages. $25.00
Book464 William L. Gilbert Clock Company 1901/02 Catalog. (Reprint) 120 pages. $20.00
Book561 Catalog of the Ansonia Clock Co. 1886/7. (Reprint) 96 pages. $20.00
Book562 Seth Thomas catalog No. 531. (Reprint) 136 pages. $20.00
Book426 Synchronome - A Hope-Jones Synchronome Miscellany by F. Hope-Jones. (2 available) $50.00
Book417 The Pin-Pallet Escapement Adjustment and Repair by Robert Porter. 44 pages. (2 available) $15.00
Book481 English Dial Clocks by Ronald E. Rose. 198 pages. $30.00
Book563 The American Clock 1725-1865. The Mabel Brady Garvan and Other Collections at Yale University. Edwin A. Battison. 207 pages. $40.00
Book422 American Clocks - An Introduction by Tom Spittler. 130 pages. $25.00
Book455 American Clockmakers and Watchmakers by Thomas Spittler and Chris Bailey. 336 pages. (3 available) $20.00
Book482 Japanese Clocks by N. H. N. Mody. $65.00
Book435 Restoring Grandfather Clocks by Eric and Brian Smith. 235 pages. $40.00
Book507 Designing and Building a Grandfather Clock by Gary Williams. 144 pages. $20.00
Book532 Scottish Clockmakers by Felix Hudson. 32 pages. $25.00
Book423 Black Forest Clockmaker and the Cuckoo Clock by Karl Kochmann. 266 pages. Like new. (Paperback) $35.00
Book505 Black Forest Clockmaker and the Cuckoo Clock by Karl Kochmann. 240 pages. (Paperback) $25.00
Book424 Lenzkirch Clock Factory Winterhalder & Hofmeier Clocks by Karl Kochmann. 141 pages. Like new. $20.00
Book443 Wooden Clock Cases by David Bryant. 159 pages. Like new. $20.00
Book495 Veneer Craft for Everyone. 154 pages. $20.00
Book434 Handbook of Clocks Produced by Charles Kirk, Elisha C. Brewster and Brewster & Ingrahams at Bristol, Connecticut by Bill Ultsch and Doug Cowan. 77 pages. $15.00
Book442 First Aid for Injured Westclox. Repair material catalog. 95 pages. $20.00
Book477 Rees's Clocks Watches and Chronometers 1819-20. 295 pages. $35.00
Book524 The Museum of Time Measurement, Beyer Zurich. 96 pages. Hardcover. $20.00
Book531 Alt-Wiener Uhren. Die Sammlung Sobek im Geymuller-Schlossl. In German and English. 131 pages. $20.00
Book503 The Old Royal Observatory Greenwich. 96 pages. (2 available) $10.00
Book468 The Quest for Longitude, edited by William J. H. Andrewes. 437 pages. $40.00
Book431 On Time, How America Has Learned to Live by the Clock by Carlene E. Stephens. 256 pages. $15.00
Book333 Simon Willard and His Clocks by John Ware Willard. 133 pages. $25.00
Book352 Practical Clock Escapements by Laurie Penman. 248 pages. $60.00
Book526 The Clock Repairer's Handbook by Laurie Penman. 176 pages. $20.00
Book377 Dixie Clockmakers by James W. Gibbs. 191 pages. A former library book, still in good condition. $75.00
Book504 Pennsylvania Clocks and Clockmakers by George H. Eckhardt. 229 pages. (2 available) $10.00
Book480 The Contributions of Joseph Ives to Connecticut Clock Technology 1810-1862 by Kenneth D. Roberts. Second edition. 388 pages. $30.00
Book499 The Contributions of Joseph Ives to Connecticut Clock Technology 1810-1862 by Kenneth D. Roberts. First edition. 338 pages. $20.00
Book485 20th Century Modern Clocks by Mark V. Stein. 255 pages. Signed by the Author. $35.00
Book379 A Century of Fine Carriage Clocks edited by Charles Terwilliger. 224 pages. $20.00
Book382 A Guide to Electrical Horology by Martin Swetsky. 162 pages. (3 available) $80.00
Book461 150 Years of Electric Horology edited by Elmer Crum and William Keller. 101 pages. Folds on cover. $15.00
Book386 Electrifying Time: Telechron and GE Clocks by Jim Linz. 256 pages. Like new. (3 available) $40.00
Book502 Electric Clocks and How to Make Them by Frank Hope Jones. 197 pages. $20.00
Book498 A Conspectus of Electrical Timekeeping by Charles K. Aked. 80 pages. (2 available) $25.00
Book478 Self-Winding Clocks by The Self-Winding Clock Company. 146 pages. Limited reprint of a 1908 catalog. (2 available) $75.00
Book476 Brillie Electric Clocks. $75.00
Book474 The Bulle-Clock of Favre-Bulle. 55 pages. $30.00
Book466 La Bulle-Clock by Henry L. Belmont. In French. 156 pages. Poor condition. $20.00
Book489 Electric Clocks by S. J. Wise. 150 pages. Paperback, bound. $20.00
Book486 Modern Electric Clocks by Stuart F. Philpott. 214 pages. $20.00
Book488 Electrifying Time compiled by Charles K Aked. 105 pages. $20.00
Book384 Morbier Clocks by Lawrence A. Seymour. 66 pages. $40.00
Book373 Legged Alarm Clocks by Dennis Sagvold. 192 pages. $25.00
Book375 Junghans Story. 208 pages. $50.00
Book513 The Best of J. E. Coleman: Clockmaker. 528 pages. $20.00
Book460 Technique and History of the Swiss Watch by Eugene Jaquet. 272 pages. $20.00
Book385 100 Years of Vintage Watches by Dean Judy. 224 pages. $45.00
Book408 Two Hundred Years of American Clocks & Watches by Chris Bailey. 254 pages. (3 available) $15.00
Book465 The American Clock by William H. Distin and Robert Bishop. 359 pages. $15.00
Book458 The Price Guide to Collectable Clocks 1840-1940 by Alan and RIta Shenton. 479 pages. $25.00
Book409 Collecting Clocks by Derek Roberts. 128 pages. $15.00
Book410 The History of Clocks and Watches. 288 pages. $20.00
Book511 Clocks and Watches by Johann Willsberger. $20.00
Book411 Britten's Old Clocks & Watches and Their Makers. 9th edition. 700 pages. $25.00
Book523 The Craft of the Clockmaker by E. J. Tyler. 96 pages. $10.00
Book521 Time Telling Through the Ages by Harry C. Brearley. 294 pages. Poor condion. $10.00
Book520 Watch and Clockmaker's Handbook, Dictionary and Guide by F. J. Britten. 499 pages. $20.00
Book414 British Longcase Clocks by Derek Roberts. 373 pages. $50.00
Book412 The Clock Book by Philip E. Balcomb. 182 pages. $30.00
Book415 The Clock Repair Primer by Philip E. Balcomb. 151 pages. $35.00
Book416 The Clock Repair First Reader by Philip E. Balcomb. $35.00
Book405 Chelsea Ships Bell Striking Clock Illustrated Parts List. 8 pages. $45.00
Book370 Striking Clock Repair Guide by Steven G. Conover. (3 available) $30.00
Book366 Building an American Clock Movement by Steven G. Conover. $30.00
Book372 How to Repair Herschede Tubular Bell Clocks by Steven G. Conover. Second Edition. $30.00
Book492 How to Repair Herschede Tubular Bell Clocks by Steven G. Conover. First Edition. $20.00
Book190 Chime Clock Repair by Steven G. Conover. (5 available) $30.00
Book527 Chime Clock Repair by Steven G. Conover. 210 pages. $30.00
Book490 Questions and Answers of and for the Clockmaking Profession. 224 pages. $20.00
Book428 Seth Thomas Times Four by Steven G. Conover. 30 pages. $10.00
Book484 Seth Thomas Clock Company catalog reprint. 88 pages. $15.00
Book533 Seth Thomas Clock Company catalog reprint. 68 pages. $15.00
Book493 Herschede Clocks catalog reprint. 159 pages. $35.00
Book491 Herschede Electrically Wound Clocks. 48 pages. $20.00
Book364 The Hermle Service Manual and Parts Catalog. $80.00
Book483 The Hermle Service Manual $50.00
Book354 The Watchmakers of Massachusetts by August C. Bolino. 276 pages. $20.00
Book447 The World of Complicated Watches. Museum book. 119 pages. $25.00
Book345 Early American Tower Clocks by Frederick Shelley. 236 pages. (3 available) $25.00
Book470 Skeleton Clocks by F. B. Royer-Collard. 170 pages. $15.00
Book351 Repairing Antique Clocks by Eric P. Smith. 232 pages. $15.00
Book349 Clock Repairing as a Hobby by Harold C. Kelly. 115 pages. $15.00
Book348 Electric Clocks and Chimes. 159 pages. $20.00
Book421 Gear Cutting Practice by Colvin and Stanley. 344 pages. Like new. $20.00
Book506 A Practical Course in Horology by Harold C. Kelly. 192 pages. $30.00
Book509 Dictionary of Clocks and Watches by Eric Bruton. 201 pages. (2 available) $15.00
Book330 Watch and Clock Encyclopedia by Donald DeCarle. 307 pages plus supplement. (2 available) $20.00
Book305 American Railroad Watches by George Townsend. Reprint. 74 pages. (4 available) $20.00
Book288 Clock and Watch Escapements by The Keystone. Paperback. 179 pages. $35.00
Book259 Practical Clock Repairing, by Donald DeCarle. 244 pages. (2 available) $25.00
Book260 The Modern Clock by Ward Goodrich. 502 pages. (2 available) $25.00
Book320 Clockmakers Beat Book. 2000 edition. 43 pages. (3 available) $10.00
Book322 Modern Watch and Clock Repairing by Buford Harris. 250 pages. (2 available) $20.00
Book321 Jaeger-LeCoultre Yearbook - 2008. 275 pages. $20.00
Book329 Complete Price Guide to Watches - 2005. $20.00
Book328 Complete Price Guide to Watches - 1999. $20.00
Book571 Clock Guide Identification with Prices. Robert W. Miller. 147 pages. $15.00
Book574 Clock Guide No. 2 Identification with Prices. Robert W. Miller. 94 pages. $10.00
Book518 Viennese Clockmakers and What They Left Us by F. H. van Weijdom Claterbos. 336 pages. $40.00
Book315 The Vienna and German Regulator by Rick Ortenburger. 70 pages. $30.00
Book497 Viennese Regulators and Industrialized Clock Factories by Rick Ortenburger. 136 pages. $30.00
Book496 Vienna Regulators and Related Clocks by Rick Ortenburger. 50 pages. $30.00
Book306 Vienna Regulators by Dana J. Blackwell. First Edition. 120 pages. (3 available) $15.00
Book473 Vienna Regulators by Dana J. Blackwell. Second Edition with Supplement. 144 pages. $20.00
Book308 The Horolovar 400-day Clock Repair Guide. 127 pages. $20.00
Book309 Illustrated Catalog of Seth Thomas, New Haven, E.N. Welch, and Welch, Spring & Co. Clocks. 88 pages. $15.00
Book217 Britten's Old Clocks and Watches. Eighth edition. 532 pages. (2 available) $35.00
Book318 Britten's Old Clocks and Watches. Seventh edition. 518 pages. $30.00
Book427 The Concise Guide to British Clocks by Brian Loomes. 252 pages. $10.00
Book244 Tabletop Machining by Joe Martin. 350 pages. $45.00
Book432 Machine Shop Trade Secrets by James A. Harvey. 313 pages. $40.00
Book529 How to Make Tiny Drills Quickly, Easily and Accurately by Robert Porter. 16 pages. $10.00
Book232 Foreigh and American Pocket Watch Guide by Roy Ehrhardt. 64 pages. $20.00
Book219 Watch Collecting by Kenneth Ullyett. 144 pages. $30.00
Book256 American Watchmaker and Jeweler by Henry Abbott, 1908. 367 pages. $20.00
Book316 Cyclopedia of Valuable Information for Jeweler, Watchmaker, Optician. 51 pages. $10.00
Book243 Vintage American and European Wrist Watch Price Guide book set. $20.00
Book213 Undated Bergeon catalog. 563 pages. $20.00
Book202 WatchMaster timing machine handbook. 72 pages. $25.00
Book169 A few hundred pages of Longines technical information in a loose leaf binder. Some Certina pages at the end. $100.00
Book174 Official Catalog of Swiss Watch Repair Parts. $50.00
Book182 Vibrograf watch movement beat books. (2 books in this set.) $40.00
Book181 Vibrograf B200 instruction manual. $25.00
Book107 Time and Timekeepers by Willis I. Milham. 1947. 516 pages. $20.00
Book148 How to Repair Clocks by Eric Smith. 165 pages. $20.00
Book159 Pocket Watch Price Guide by Roy Ehrhardt. $15.00
Book549 Pocket Watch Price Guide by Roy Ehrhardt. $15.00
Book547 Pocket Watch Price Guide by Roy Ehrhardt. $15.00
Book170 This appears to be course notes on an introduction to timekeeping. Chapters include Story of the Measurement of Time, Details of the Mechanical Watch, Details of the Quartz Watch, The Ruby - The Watchmaker's Jewel, etc. $25.00
Book175 Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry directory. $15.00
Book436 Advance Watch and Jewelers Supply Catalog. 314 pages. 1955. $20.00
Book439 Vigor, Bergeon, Bestfit catalog. 160 pages. $20.00
Book438 Swartchild & Company 1932 catalog. 576 pages. Front cover is off. $25.00
Book317 Swartchild & Company 1923 catalog. 928 pages. $35.00
Book312 Swartchild & Company 1960 tool catalog. 226 pages. $20.00
Book117 Watch Material Distributors Catalog of Watch Parts. $20.00
Book163 Watchmaster timing machine instructions. $20.00
Book118 Swartchild's Tool and Material Catalog. 610 pages. $35.00
Book246 LaRose Tool catalog for Vigor, Bergeon and Bestfit. 176 pages. $15.00
Book123 Lot of 5 tool and material catalogs. $45.00
Book116 Vigor Bestfit Bergeon tool catalog. 130 pages. $15.00
Book557 Instructions for Accutron, Bulova and Caravelle Special Feature Watches. $20.00
Book124 Lot of Bulova technical material from 1973. $35.00
Book121 Gruen material catalog. 89 pages. $20.00
Book061 Swigart Clock catalogs. $12.00
Book057 Vigor, Bergeon, Bestfit tool catalog. 158 pages. $12.00
Book261 Revolution in Time by David S. Landes. 482 pages. $20.00
Book279 Collector's Encyclopedia of Pendant and Pocket Watches 1500-1950 by C. Jeanenne Bell. 365 pages. $20.00
Book278 Two Hundred Years of American Clocks and Watches by Chris Bailey. 255 pages. $15.00
Book277 Antique Clocks and Clock Collecting by Eric Bruton. 93 pages. $10.00
Book508 The Book of American Clocks by Brooks Palmer. 318 pages. $15.00
Book273 The International Dictionary of Clocks edited by Alan Smith. 351 pages. (2 available) $20.00
Book453 The Clock Book by Wallace Nutting. 312 pages. Fair condition. (2 available) $10.00
Book314 L'Homme et le Temps. 68 pages. $15.00
Book313 Musee de l'horlogerie, Geneva. 64 pages. $15.00
Book569 1986 NAWCC Cleveland National Convention Exhibit - Featuring Vienna Regulators and Black Forest Clocks. 64 pages.  
Book560 Ohio Clock Exhibit, Guide to the Collection. 33 pages. $10.00
Book454 American Watchmaking by Michael C. Harrold. NAWCC Supplement. 144 pages. $15.00
Book450 NAWCC Supplement #20 Watch Case Makers of England. 216 pages. (2 available) $10.00
Book030 NAWCC Supplement #19 Eight Day Wood Movement Shelf Clocks. 60 pages. (4 available) $10.00
Book031 NAWCC Supplement #16 Aaron Dodd Crane An American Original. 120 pages. (7 available) $10.00
Book032 NAWCC Supplement #18 The Greek Revival Influence on American Clock Case Design and Empire Clock Case Development. 112 pages. (4 available) $10.00
Book035 NAWCC Supplement #17 Clockmakers and Clockmaking in Southern Maine. 80 pages. (2 available) $10.00
Book475 NAWCC Supplement #15 From Rags to Riches to Rags: The Story of Chauncey Jerome. 132 pages. (2 available) $10.00
Book358 NAWCC Supplement #3 Eli Terry. (2 available) $10.00
Book357 NAWCC Supplement #4 Dickory Dickory Dock Clock $10.00
Book449 NAWCC Supplement #8 George Graham's Classic Escapement. $10.00
Book448 NAWCC Supplement #12 The Welch, Spring and Company. (2 available) $10.00
Book356 NAWCC Supplement #11 William Claggett. (2 available) $10.00
Book355 NAWCC Supplement #6 Connecticut Clockmaking. (2 available) $10.00
Book360 NAWCC The Timekeeper - First 6 Issues. Original version. $20.00
Book036 New York Chapter No. 2. A Look at Member's Favorite Timepieces. $8.00
Book039 NAWCC Supplement #13 Heman Clark and the Salem Bridge Shelf Clocks. 104 pages. (3 available) $10.00
Book359 The Museum. European Clocks, 1550-1830. A selection from the Bliss Collection in the Newark Museum by E. K. Winthrop. 28 pages. $10.00
Book262 Antique American Clocks and Watches by Richard Thomson. 192 pages. (2 available) $10.00
Book050 Clocks and Watches. Hardcover. 80 pages. (3 available) $12.00
Book026 G-S crystal catalog #100 (2 available) $12.00
Book059 Electro-Cylinder crystal catalog #70 $12.00
Book132 Ulysse Nardin catalog and price list from 2004-5. $15.00
sa1310 Citizen Navihawk instruction manual. $5.00
sa1217 Pulsar Technical Guide and Parts List - Caliber Y590. 10 pages. $3.00