Books, Manuals and Catalogs

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Part #
Book332 Horological Wheel Cutting Engines (1700-1900). By Theodore R. Crom. 150 pages. Rare book in excellent condition. $125.00
Book657 E&S Tool & Material Catalog, 1908-1909. 606 pages. $40.00
Book656 Undated Bergeon catalog. 563 pages. $20.00
Book213 Undated Bergeon catalog. 563 pages. $20.00
Book647 German measuring tool catalog. $15.00
Book436 Advance Watch and Jewelers Supply Catalog. 314 pages. 1955. $20.00
Book439 Vigor, Bergeon, Bestfit catalog. 160 pages. $20.00
Book312 Swartchild & Company 1960 tool catalog. 226 pages. $20.00
Book117 Watch Material Distributors Catalog of Watch Parts. $20.00
Book118 Swartchild's Tool and Material Catalog. 610 pages. $35.00
Book246 LaRose Tool catalog for Vigor, Bergeon and Bestfit. 176 pages. $15.00
Book123 Lot of 5 tool and material catalogs. $45.00
Book116 Vigor Bestfit Bergeon tool catalog. 130 pages. $15.00
Book057 Vigor, Bergeon, Bestfit tool catalog. 158 pages. $12.00
Book584 Vigor Bestfit Tools and Supplies Catalog from Marshall-Swartchild. 192 pages. $10.00