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American Genius - Nineteenth Century Bank Locks and Timelocks by David Erroll and John Erroll. (2 available)

The book in the photo is the first edition. What is being sold is a new edition that is NEW and still sealed in plastic. Instead of a dust cover, this new edition comes in a box sleeve.

Book598 The Watch and Clock Maker's Handbook - Dictionary and Guide. 1938 edition. 547 pages. $15.00
Book353 Mechanical Singing-Bird Tabatieres by Geoffrey T. Mayson. 256 pages. Extremely rare book in excellent condition. $650.00
Book457 The Ahrens Collection - Crott Auctions. Like new. $150.00
Book635 Eine Uhrmacherfamilie Jubilert. German. 32 pages. $10.00
Book524 The Museum of Time Measurement, Beyer Zurich. 96 pages. Hardcover. $20.00
Book630 A Rudimentary Treatise on Clocks, Watches, & Bells for Public Purposes by Edmund Beckett and Lord Grimthorpe. 282 pages. $50.00
Book503 The Old Royal Observatory Greenwich. 96 pages. (2 available) $10.00
Book468 The Quest for Longitude, edited by William J. H. Andrewes. 437 pages. $40.00
Book431 On Time, How America Has Learned to Live by the Clock by Carlene E. Stephens. 256 pages. $15.00
Book408 Two Hundred Years of American Clocks & Watches by Chris Bailey. 254 pages. (3 available) $15.00
Book410 The History of Clocks and Watches. 288 pages. $20.00
Book511 Clocks and Watches by Johann Willsberger. $20.00
Book411 Britten's Old Clocks & Watches and Their Makers. 9th edition. 700 pages. $25.00
Book521 Time Telling Through the Ages by Harry C. Brearley. 294 pages. Poor condion. $10.00
Book506 A Practical Course in Horology by Harold C. Kelly. 192 pages. $30.00
Book509 Dictionary of Clocks and Watches by Eric Bruton. 201 pages. (2 available) $15.00
Book330 Watch and Clock Encyclopedia by Donald DeCarle. 307 pages plus supplement. (3 available) $20.00
Book288 Clock and Watch Escapements by The Keystone. Paperback. 179 pages. $35.00
Book322 Modern Watch and Clock Repairing by Buford Harris. 250 pages. (2 available) $20.00
Book318 Britten's Old Clocks and Watches. Seventh edition. 518 pages. $30.00
Book202 WatchMaster timing machine handbook. 72 pages. $25.00
Book182 Vibrograf watch movement beat books. (2 books in this set.) $40.00
Book181 Vibrograf B200 instruction manual. $25.00
Book107 Time and Timekeepers by Willis I. Milham. 1947. 516 pages. $20.00
Book163 Watchmaster timing machine instructions. $20.00
Book261 Revolution in Time by David S. Landes. 482 pages. $20.00
Book278 Two Hundred Years of American Clocks and Watches by Chris Bailey. 255 pages. $15.00
Book314 L'Homme et le Temps. 68 pages. $15.00
Book313 Musee de l'horlogerie, Geneva. 64 pages. $15.00
Book360 NAWCC The Timekeeper - First 6 Issues. Original version. $20.00
Book036 New York Chapter No. 2. A Look at Member's Favorite Timepieces. $8.00
Book359 The Museum. European Clocks, 1550-1830. A selection from the Bliss Collection in the Newark Museum by E. K. Winthrop. 28 pages. $10.00
Book262 Antique American Clocks and Watches by Richard Thomson. 192 pages. (2 available) $10.00
Book050 Clocks and Watches. Hardcover. 80 pages. (3 available) $12.00