Bench Keys
Part #
wt11062 Bench key set. Missing the 16-size end. $25.00
wt10532 Bench key for 18-size watches. (The other end is broken off.) $10.00
wt10337 Bench key for smaller (0-size, 6-size) watches. $10.00
wt10533 Bench key for smaller (0-size, 6-size) watches. $10.00
wt10534 Bench key for smaller (0-size, 6-size) watches. $10.00
wt11063 Birch key. $10.00
wt10936 Birch key. $10.00
wt10935 Birch key. $8.00
wt10055 Birch key. $10.00
wt10024 Birch key. $10.00
wt6492 Birch key. Handle is broken but it still works. $5.00
wt6568 Birch key. $10.00
wt6569 Birch key. Decorative brass outside is starting to split, but still works. A nice antique key. $10.00
wt7070 Modern replacement watch key. Most sizes available. Specify size when ordering. $3.00 each
wt10765 Advertising key for H.B.&S. of Vancouver. Seems to be a size 3 or 4. $10.00
wt7069 Antique reversible watch key - 1.24mm square. $10.00
wt7052 Antique watch key - 1.55mm square. $10.00
wt5227 Reversible Pipe patented key. $10.00