Part #
wt10071 Marshall bench block. $15.00
wt10114 K&D bench block. $15.00
wt10115 Bench block. Some rust. $12.00
wt10085 Bench block set up as a cannon pinion tightening tool. The tighening tool can be removed, if desired. $35.00
wt7783 Stump $10.00
wt9637 Steel block with threaded holes. $10.00
wt6960 Possibly a hinged riveting stake? (2 available) $10.00
wt8094 Possibly a hinged riveting stake? $10.00
wt5608 Steel riveting stake. (5 available) $10.00
wt7644 Steel riveting stake. $10.00
wt7653 Steel riveting stake. $10.00
wt7645 Steel riveting stake. $10.00
wt3689 Block. Center one is broken. $8.00