Advertising and Ephemera
Part #
ad0065 Waltham stock certificate. Several colors available including green, brown, orange, red and blue. Note that all are punched with cancellation marks. Some have staples in them and a few have rust marks from those staples. I will pick out the best available for you. (Specify color preference when ordering.) $10.00 each
ad0062 Pulsar pocket knife. (2 available) $15.00

Beautiful Cyma case, most likely for a ladies wrist watch. $20.00
ad0047 Didiseim ashtray. Made by G. Massenet, Paris. $25.00
ad0042 United Horological Association of America etched brass plaque. They were a precursor to the AWCI. Beautiful condition with a nice copper colored patina on the front. 6x4 inches. $40.00

Citizen Year 2000 advertising clock. Stand is ratcheted but does not hold position. Clock is not working. Countdown counter does work. 7 inch diameter.

Additional shipping charge applies.

ad0007 Citizen Year 2000 advertising plaque. Freestanding. About 4 inches wide. Brass. $25.00
ad0015 Pulsar advertising plaque. Freestanding. 3 1/2 inches wide. Heavy brass. $20.00
wt6183 Accutron store display letters and Accutron symbol. Letters are 3 inches high. Plastic. $50.00
ad0052 Masonic "Made a Mason" token. $15.00
ad0057 Movado button. Two small pins on the back. $10.00
ad0004 Patriotic Bulova pin. (2 available) $20.00
ad0040 Bulova dispenser. Apparently originally held stems but could now be used as a stamp dispenser. $00.00
ad0066 Swiss watch booklet (French). $10.00
ad0043 Two Gruen metal price tags. $10.00
ad0051 Gruen metal price tags. $20.00
ad0035 Noblia advertising plaque. Freestanding. 7 inches wide. Brass. $10.00
ad0037 Set of 3 Hamilton hang tags. $25.00

Eterna pad. 15 by 12 inches.

Additional shipping charge applies.

ad0012 Hamilton 'certified' finger cots. Package includes 3 finger cots and instructions. (2 available) $8.00
ad0017 J. Boss trade card. $10.00
ad0023 Elgin factory post card. Unused. $10.00
ad0022 Elgin factory post card. Back is addressed and cancelled 1909. $10.00
ad0016 Elgin World's Fair post card. Unused. $10.00
ad0014 John Taylor's Watch postcard. $10.00
ad0039 Fossil watch tin. $15.00
ad0006 Henry Paulson & Co. tag with compass. Aluminum. $10.00
ad0003 Set of 3 small 'Loaner' tags. Plastic over cardboard. $15.00
ad0048 Tie clip. $8.00
ad0031 Set of 3 JB watch band link displays. $10.00
ad0013 Zenith Grand Prix 1900 sleeve wrench. $15.00
ad0041 M. A. Mead and Company Boulevard Automatic watch ad card. (8 available) $5.00