Wristwatch Displays and Ephemera List


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Category 052 - ww displays and paper

052.56 $ 3.00Waltham Watch Company Stock Certificate from 1955, good for framing or whatever, good used condition. (Quantity 48)
052.73 $ 24.00Seiko promotional 35mm film camera, nos in original box, still wrapped, with soft case, signed.
052.82 $ 15.00Accutron Counter/showcase plaque, plastic, vgc except the back piece to hold it in sitting up posistion is missing.
052.89 $ 6.00Trade card calendar month from June, 1953, from Southern Watch Supply Co., Charlotte, NC, vgc.
052.90 $ 9.00Breitling dealer display, cardboard, 8x10 inches, nm, has easel for holding it up.
052.103 $ 49.00One International Watch Co., Schaffhausen, Dealers Showcase Display Unit, new, never used. The unit is still packed as far as the assembly pieces. It includes the detailed instruction sheet which can be emailed in full size if you want to see it before bidding. I did not assemble it so that all of the parts would be together as delivered new. The display forms a large box with tubular frame. The larger parts are: 2 large whiteboards, reversible, different model, boldly detailed on each side of both boards for 4 different pictures possible, approx. 17x17 inches each. There is one glass of approx. 17x7.6 inches which is Reverse painted with IWC name and location. One slotted black board of about 17x7 inches and 3 smaller slotted black boards of 4x4 inches each. There are 6 display hands with a watch holder on each wrist and IWC signed, 3 black and 3 white, approx. 13 inches to 16 inches high in mixed heights. Attractive, new and hard to find for IWC aficionados. Sold as shown and sale is final.