Mystery Tools and Other Stuff
Part #
wt6921 Nice heavy brass balance scaffold. $60.00
wt6540 Cutting device for repeat cutting of small tubes. See patent 2121752 for information on how it works. Needs a bit of cleaning up. $50.00
wt5983 Watch sized depthing tool. $50.00
wt6195 Watch sized depthing tool. $40.00
wt6538 Screwhead polishing jig. $40.00


Cast iron clamp-on bench plate.

Additional shipping charge applies.

wt6750 Antique mystery tool set. Each has a small hole drilled in the end of the shaft. Might be for straightening pivots. $15.00
wt6537 Scoop for gathering up small parts on the bench top. $10.00
wt6713 Mystery tool. $25.00
wt5953 Mystery tool. Opens like a movement holder. $40.00
wt6328 Alcohol lamp. $12.00
wt6329 Alcohol lamp. $12.00
wt6574 Blower. $8.00

Brass uprighting tool.

Additional shipping charge applies.

wt6619 Screw finishing tool. $10.00
wt6234 Plastic level. $5.00
wt6915 Screwhead polisher. $15.00
wt6732 Fitrite tool. $5.00
wt6721 Steel scribe. $5.00
wt6297 Small Elgin tool. $10.00
wt6276 Holder for screws during movement disassembly. $15.00
wt6331 Set of two screwhead finishing runners. $30.00
wt6337 Screwhead finishing runner. $15.00
wt6275 Interesting antique mystery tool. $15.00
wt6511 Antique mystery tool. $10.00
wt6906 Vigor carbide scribe replacement tip. (2 available) $8.00
wt5417 Anealing tool. $15.00
wt5152 L 970 499.9 tool. $15.00
wt5151 EBA 200.9 tool $15.00
wt5364 Balance tack. $15.00
wt5985 Antique brass and wood bubble level. $10.00
wt5956 Small bubble level, perhaps from a clock. $5.00
wt4924 Mystery tool. $15.00
wt6936 Mystery tool. $10.00
wt4655 Mystery tool. $25.00
wt6336 Ticket punch. Punches a diamond pattern. $15.00
wt4651 Ticket punch. $15.00
wt4654 Mystery tool. $20.00
wt5548 Small benchtop clamp. $8.00
wt5538 Small clamp $10.00
wt4288 Antique threading tool. $12.00
wt6835 Martin 42L screw plate. $20.00
wt6834 #40 screw plate. $20.00
wt6833 Martin 42L screw plate. $20.00
wt6196 Martin 36L screw plate. $20.00
wt4440 Martin 30 L screw plate. $15.00
wt4835 Martin 16 L screw plate. $10.00
wt3317 Martin 36 B screw plate. $20.00
wt4794 Latard 40 screw plate. $15.00
wt3594 42L screw plate. Broken end. $10.00
wt4046 #20 Martin screw plate. $10.00
wt4047 #8 screw plate. $10.00
wt6055 Screw plate. $5.00
wt4515 Screw plate. $15.00
wt4048 Screw plate. $10.00
wt3751 Mystery tool. $5.00
wt3480 Mystery tool. $8.00
wt3297 Mystery tool. $5.00
wt1694 Pin tongue vise. $25.00
wt1682 Linotype machine justifying spacer. Patent #1635960 $10.00
wt1658 Mystery tool $5.00