Lathe Tools
Part #

Levin 8mm WW lathe setup with collet holding tailstock. Includes Levin cross-slide and a great, smooth, quite motor. Note that the cross-slide is missing the shoe to align it with the lathe bed. There is a tip-over tool rest included. It just didn't make it into the photo.

Additional shipping charge applies.

wt7231 Levin pivot polisher with lathe base. Like new condition. $150.00
wt6852 Levin pivot polisher with lathe base. The small drive wheel is included, it just didn't make it into the photo. $125.00
wt7397 Sherline 3-jaw chuck with 8mm WW adapter. Nice quality and great condition. $140.00
wt7684 Complete tool post set for round tools. $70.00
wt7695 Tool post adapter for round tools. $30.00
wt7817 Tool holder for cross slide. Appears to be homemade, but well done. $30.00
wt7284 Set of lathe dogs. Suitable for turning on 8mm and 6mm lathes. $110.00
wt7728 Small lathe dog. $20.00

Foredom lathe motor. Runs but needs to be rewired before use.

Additional shipping charge applies.


Levin collet box. Missing the sliding plexiglass lid.

Additional shipping charge applies.

wt7855 Set of gravers. 4 round, 2 square. $75.00
wt7278 Set of gravers. Some of these are heavier for clock work. $75.00
wt7458 File rest. Mounts to the lathe bed. $90.00
wt6630 Lathe mounting tool of some sort? Spindle has 4 click stops that are not evenly spaced. 3/4 inch channel cut into the base. $75.00
wt6554 Waller carbide screw-in tip. Tip is almost gone but still has a bit of life left. May need sharpening or reshaping. (10 available) $5.00
wt6904 Waller carbide graver tip holder. $10.00
wt6905 Waller carbide graver tip holder. $10.00
wt6563 Carbide bits for Waller, etc. $20.00
wt6844 Graver. $10.00
wt6548 Graver. Appears to be carbide. $8.00
wt6546 Lot of 5 (or more) empty or almost empty diamond paste containers. $5.00
wt7738 Graver steel. Nice lot. $25.00
wt7562 Graver steel $20.00
wt7735 Oval graver. $15.00
wt7737 Assorted gravers made out of round tool steel. $10.00
wt7739 Flat gravers $15.00
wt7736 Flat gravers $10.00
wt4791 Flat gravers $10.00
wt4795 Flat graver $10.00
wt4790 Flat gravers $25.00
wt6579 Bowman graver $10.00
wt7575 Pair of antique graver handles. $20.00
wt7279 Set of 3 graver handles. $10.00
wt7136 Set of graver steel $30.00
wt6580 Early graver steel $20.00
wt6588 Knife edge gravers $15.00
wt5839 Gravers $20.00
wt6942 Gravers $25.00
wt7697 Tool steel. $30.00
wt7724 Tool steel. $20.00
wt7726 Tool steel. $10.00
wt4927 Tool steel. $20.00
wt4884 Tool steel. $15.00
wt7594 Tool steel. $10.00
wt7636 Cutting bit, probably carbide. $10.00
wt7474 Set of jewel chucks. $35.00
wt7483 Set of jewel chucks. $30.00
wt7229 Set of jewel chucks. $30.00
wt6909 Set of jewel chucks. $30.00
wt6689 Set of jewel chucks. $30.00
wt4308 Set of jewel chucks. Note that one stop is missing. $30.00
wt5862 Set of jewel chucks. $25.00
wt6122 Set of jewel chucks. $35.00
wt6467 Set of jewel chucks. $25.00
wt7277 Set of jewel chucks. $25.00
wt7534 Set of economy jewel chucks. $20.00
wt7367 Pair of balance chucks. $25.00

Set of small Levin wheel chucks.

A bit of oxidation on the faces.


Set of Levin brass collets. Sizes are 40, 42, 44, 46, 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60, 62, 64

A bit of oxidation on the faces.


Levin 8mm WW Lathe Collets

The following sizes of Levin WW Standard 8mm collets are available: 4, 4.5, 5, 6(4), 7, 8(2), 8.5, 9, 10, 11, 13, 26, 34, 36, 40, 42, 46, 48

$16.00 each

Derbyshire 8mm WW Lathe Collets

The following sizes of Derbyshire WW Standard 8mm collets are available: 3(3), 6(3), 7, 8, 10(2), 12, 14, 16(2), 20, 40

$12.00 each

G. Boley 8mm WW Lathe Collets

The following sizes of Boley WW Standard 8mm collets are available: 4, 8, 10(2), 12, 20, 40, 50

$12.00 each

Starrett 8mm WW Lathe Collets

The following sizes of Starrett WW Standard 8mm collets are available: 3, 4(4), 5(3), 6(2), 7(2), 8(2), 9, 10(5)

$12.00 each

Peerless 8mm WW Lathe Collets

The following sizes of Peerless WW Standard 8mm collets are available: 5(2), 6(12), 8(5), 10(7), 12(5), 14, 16(5), 18, 28, 32, 40

$12.00 each
8mm WW Collet

8mm WW Lathe Collets

The following sizes of WW Standard 8mm collets are available: 3(3), 4(6), 5(9), 6(16), 8(14), 12(16), 14(2), 16, 18(2), 20, 22, 23, 24, 30, 32, 36, 40, 50

The collets are various makes but all fit a standard WW 8mm lathe. Some may have cosmetic damage to the face but they are not sprung and are in good usable condition.

$10.00 each
8mm Moseley Conoidal Collet

8mm Moseley Conoidal Lathe Collets

The following sizes of Moseley Conoidal 8mm collets are available: 5, 10, 12

$10.00 each
8mm Moseley Regular Collet

8mm Moseley Regular Lathe Collets

The following sizes of Moseley Regular 8mm collets are available. Note that these are slightly longer than WW 8mm collets: 5(3), 10, 14, 16, 20, 30, 34, 42

$10.00 each
wt7583 Levin 1/4 inch collet. 8mm WW standard. $20.00
wt7582 No-name 3/16 inch collet. 8mm WW standard. $20.00
wt7581 Levin specialty collet. 8mm WW standard. $20.00
wt7464 Crown chuck set. $35.00
wt6506 Crown chuck. (2 available) $10.00
wt7540 Crown chuck. $10.00
wt7787 Lathe motor brushes. The brushes are 4.7mm x 7.75mm. (13 available) $5.00 each
wt7749 Hook set for leather belts. $10.00
wt7781 Plastic lathe belting. $5.00
wt2715 Blank 3/4 inch diameter 8mm collet. (2 available) $20.00
wt2595 Rivett 1R #4 collet. $8.00
wt7699 Small chuck. End is internally threaded. Made in Germany. $30.00

8mm un-named headstock. Decent pulley with one small chip. Movement is gummy from being stored for many years.

Additional shipping charge applies.

wt7803 8mm Drawbar. 92mm overall length. $20.00
wt7804 8mm Drawbar. 99mm overall length. $20.00
wt7805 8mm Drawbar. 105mm overall length. $20.00
wt7806 8mm Drawbar. 106mm overall length. $20.00
wt7815 Drawbar. NOT 8mm. 9.06mm diameter. 84mm overall length. $20.00
wt7812 Tailstock. Not sure what brand, but well made. $60.00

Tailstock. Missing base clamp.

Additional shipping charge applies.

wt7807 Tailstock runner with center. 7.99mm diameter. $20.00
wt7808 Tailstock runner with center. 7.99mm diameter. $20.00
wt7693 Male and Female center tailstock runner. 9.0mm diameter. $40.00
wt7750 Tailstock runner with center. 7.98mm diameter. $20.00
wt7692 Tailstock runner missing center. 8.0mm diameter. $20.00
wt7733 Tailstock runner missing knob. 7.99mm diameter. $15.00
wt7704 Tailstock runner missing center. 7.62mm diameter. $15.00
wt7666 Tip-over T-rest $45.00
wt7682 T-rest (non-tip). Nice wide T-rest. $40.00
wt7667 Tip-over T-rest $40.00
wt7664 Tip-over T-rest $40.00
wt7668 Tip-over T-rest $40.00
wt7669 Tip-over T-rest. Looks like a Peerless? (2 available) $40.00
wt7670 Tip-over T-rest $40.00
wt7671 Tip-over T-rest $30.00
wt7732 Tip-over T-rest. T-rest is homemade out of aluminum. 6.98 post diameter. $30.00
wt7700 Small tip-over T-rest $15.00
wt7665 Tip-over body (no tool rest). $25.00
wt7672 Extra large T-rest. 6.97mm post. $40.00
wt7685 T-rest. 6.98mm post. Appears to be new-old-stock $20.00
wt7689 T-rest. 6.98mm post. $20.00
wt7696 T-rest. 6.57mm post. $20.00
wt7686 T-rest. 6.00mm post. 13mm head width. $20.00
wt7680 T-rest. 6.96mm post. $20.00
wt7673 T-rest. 6.0mm post. $20.00
wt7674 T-rest. 7.01mm post. $20.00
wt7675 T-rest. 7.04mm post. $20.00
wt7705 T-rest. 6.98mm post. $20.00
wt7706 T-rest. 5.97mm post. $10.00
wt7730 T-rest. 7.1mm post. Edge needs dressing. $15.00
wt7698 T-rest. 6.0mm post. $15.00
wt7818 Peerless (I believe) shoe. Rusty, but should clean up OK. $10.00
wt7089 Lathe index pin. 4.0mm. $10.00
wt7035 Lathe index pin. 3.5mm. $12.00
wt6768 Lathe index pin. 3.48mm. $10.00
wt6032 Lathe index pin. 3.5mm. $10.00
wt7687 8mm lathe inside tool rest. 6.6mm post. $20.00
wt6949 8mm lathe inside tool rest. 6.98mm post. $20.00
wt3867 8mm lathe inside tool rest. 6.6mm post. $20.00
wt6626 Wheel holder for a 5/16" motor shaft. $10.00
wt4204 8mm saw arbor. Moseley length. $10.00
wt4205 8mm saw arbor. Moseley length. $10.00
wt4208 8mm saw arbor. Moseley length. $15.00
wt4894 8mm lathe index pin. 3.92mm diameter. $10.00
wt4690 Specialty taper $15.00
wt7708 Nice center taper set. Male, female and flat. $25.00
wt7719 Male taper center. $10.00
wt7751 Female taper center. $10.00
wt7713 Female taper center. $10.00
wt7720 Female taper center. $10.00
wt7721 Female taper center. $10.00
wt7019 Female taper center. $10.00
wt7021 Male taper center. $10.00
wt7092 Male taper center. $10.00
wt7018 Male taper center. $10.00
wt7017 Male taper center. Flattened point. $5.00
wt6586 Male taper center. (2 available) $10.00
wt7090 Male taper center. Needs to be re-pointed. $5.00
wt5697 Male taper center. Looks like a Peerless. (6 available) $10.00
wt4667 Male taper center. $12.00
wt4632 Male taper center. $12.00
wt3934 Male taper center. $8.00
wt3933 Male taper center. $8.00
wt6693 8mm dead center. $10.00
wt6694 8mm dead center. $10.00
wt3881 Moseley 8mm dead center. (3 available) $10.00
wt3948 8mm dead center (3 available) $8.00
wt2592 8mm dead center. $4.00
wt7579 8mm dead center. $10.00
wt4108 Moseley conoidal 8mm taper holder. $10.00
wt6733 Cone arbor for a buffing wheel. Inner mount diameter is 7.97mm. $10.00
wt4224 10mm cement brass. $25.00
wt6892 G. Boley 8mm WW cement brass set. $20.00
wt7702 Cement brass and steel set. $20.00
wt6908 Cement brass collet. Threaded type. $10.00
wt2705 Blank brass collet. (2 available) $8.00
wt3947 Peerless 8mm cement chuck. $10.00
wt3498 Peerless 8mm cement chuck. (2 available) $10.00
wt1697 Cement chuck $5.00
wt5297 Drawbar knob. Appears to be for a 10mm. $15.00
wt7709 Toolpost lantern. 11.94mm diameter. $20.00
wt7725 Toolpost washer and rocker. 10.48mm inside diameter. $20.00
wt7711 Round tool toolpost adapter. $10.00
wt7717 Toolpost threaded nut. 14.3mm ID. $10.00
wt7727 Toolpost washer. 11.25mm ID. $10.00
wt7718 Toolpost threaded nut. 15.4mm ID. $10.00
wt7747 8mm lathe shoe. (5 available) $10.00
wt7731 Toolrest bolt assembly. Looks like a Peerless. (5 available) $20.00
wt7810 Toolrest bolt assembly. $15.00
wt7703 Toolrest bolt. (2 available) $10.00
wt7712 Headstock split nut. $5.00
wt7707 U-joint. 6.0mm ID. $15.00
wt7715 Centering tool. $15.00
wt7722 Tommy bar. 3.05mm end diameter. $5.00
wt7723 Tommy bar. 3.15mm end diameter. $5.00

8mm lathe base. "90-45" on bottom. (2 available)

Additional shipping charge applies.


8mm lathe base and mounting bolt.

Additional shipping charge applies.

wt7742 Lathe mounting bolt. $15.00
wt7743 Lathe mounting bolt. $15.00
wt7744 Lathe mounting bolt. $15.00
wt7745 Lathe mounting bolt. $15.00
wt7274 Buffer wheel mandrel. 1/2 inch opening. $10.00
wt2720 Jacobs chuck. Mounts on a 1/2 inch arbor. $20.00
wt6939 Lathe base bolt. $10.00
wt2462 Lathe base screw. $4.00
wt2461 Lathe base screw. $4.00
wt1222 Lathe base screw. $4.00