Lathe Tools
Part #

Levin 8mm WW lathe setup with collet holding tailstock. Includes Levin cross-slide and a great, smooth, quite motor. Note that the cross-slide is missing the shoe to align it with the lathe bed. There is a tip-over tool rest included. It just didn't make it into the photo.

Additional shipping charge applies.

wt7231 Levin pivot polisher with lathe base. Like new condition. $150.00
wt6852 Levin pivot polisher with lathe base. The small drive wheel is included, it just didn't make it into the photo. $125.00
wt7684 Complete tool post set for round tools. $70.00
wt7695 Tool post adapter for round tools. $30.00
wt7817 Tool holder for cross slide. Appears to be homemade, but well done. $30.00
wt7284 Set of lathe dogs. Suitable for turning on 8mm and 6mm lathes. $110.00
wt7728 Small lathe dog. $20.00

Foredom lathe motor. Runs but needs to be rewired before use.

Additional shipping charge applies.

wt7855 Set of gravers. 4 round, 2 square. $75.00
wt7278 Set of gravers. Some of these are heavier for clock work. $75.00
wt7458 File rest. Mounts to the lathe bed. $90.00
wt6630 Lathe mounting tool of some sort? Spindle has 4 click stops that are not evenly spaced. 3/4 inch channel cut into the base. $75.00
wt6554 Waller carbide screw-in tip. Tip is almost gone but still has a bit of life left. May need sharpening or reshaping. (10 available) $5.00
wt6904 Waller carbide graver tip holder. $10.00
wt6905 Waller carbide graver tip holder. $10.00
wt6563 Carbide bits for Waller, etc. $20.00
wt6844 Graver. $10.00
wt6548 Graver. Appears to be carbide. $8.00
wt7735 Oval graver. $15.00
wt7736 Flat gravers $10.00
wt4791 Flat gravers $10.00
wt4795 Flat graver $10.00
wt4790 Flat gravers $25.00
wt6579 Bowman graver $10.00
wt7575 Pair of antique graver handles. $20.00
wt7279 Set of 3 graver handles. (3 sets available) $10.00
wt7136 Set of graver steel $30.00
wt6580 Early graver steel $20.00
wt6588 Knife edge gravers $15.00
wt6942 Gravers $25.00
wt7697 Tool steel. $30.00
wt7724 Tool steel. $20.00
wt7726 Tool steel. $10.00
wt4927 Tool steel. $20.00
wt4884 Tool steel. $15.00
wt7594 Tool steel. $10.00
wt7636 Cutting bit, probably carbide. $10.00
wt7483 Set of jewel chucks. $30.00
wt7229 Set of jewel chucks. $30.00
wt7969 Set of jewel chucks. $30.00
wt7970 Set of jewel chucks. $25.00
wt6909 Set of jewel chucks. $30.00
wt6689 Set of jewel chucks. $30.00
wt4308 Set of jewel chucks. Note that one stop is missing. $30.00
wt5862 Set of jewel chucks. $25.00
wt6122 Set of jewel chucks. $35.00
wt6467 Set of jewel chucks. $25.00
wt7277 Set of jewel chucks. $25.00
wt7534 Set of economy jewel chucks. $20.00

Set of small Levin wheel chucks.

A bit of oxidation on the faces.


Set of Levin brass collets. Sizes are 40, 42, 44, 46, 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60, 62, 64

A bit of oxidation on the faces.


Levin 8mm WW Lathe Collets

The following sizes of Levin WW Standard 8mm collets are available: 4, 4.5, 5, 6(4), 7, 8(2), 8.5, 9, 10, 11, 13, 26

$16.00 each

Derbyshire 8mm WW Lathe Collets

The following sizes of Derbyshire WW Standard 8mm collets are available: 3(3), 6(3), 7, 8, 10(2), 12, 14, 16(2), 20, 40

$12.00 each

G. Boley 8mm WW Lathe Collets

The following sizes of Boley WW Standard 8mm collets are available: 4, 8, 10(2), 12, 20, 40, 50

$12.00 each

Starrett 8mm WW Lathe Collets

The following sizes of Starrett WW Standard 8mm collets are available: 4(4), 5(3), 6(2), 7(2), 8(2), 9, 10(5)

$12.00 each

Peerless 8mm WW Lathe Collets

The following sizes of Peerless WW Standard 8mm collets are available: 5(2), 6(12), 8(5), 10(7), 12(5), 14, 16(5), 18, 28, 32, 40

$12.00 each
8mm WW Collet

8mm WW Lathe Collets

The following sizes of WW Standard 8mm collets are available: 3(3), 4(6), 5(9), 6(16), 8(14), 12(16), 14(2), 16, 18(2), 20, 22, 23, 24, 30, 32, 36, 40, 50

The collets are various makes but all fit a standard WW 8mm lathe. Some may have cosmetic damage to the face but they are not sprung and are in good usable condition.

$10.00 each
8mm Moseley Conoidal Collet

8mm Moseley Conoidal Lathe Collets

The following sizes of Moseley Conoidal 8mm collets are available: None at this time

$10.00 each
8mm Moseley Regular Collet

8mm Moseley Regular Lathe Collets

The following sizes of Moseley Regular 8mm collets are available. Note that these are slightly longer than WW 8mm collets: 5(3), 10, 14, 16, 20, 30, 34, 42

$10.00 each
wt7582 No-name 3/16 inch collet. 8mm WW standard. $20.00
wt7581 Levin specialty collet. 8mm WW standard. $20.00
wt6506 Crown chuck. (2 available) $10.00
wt7540 Crown chuck. $10.00
wt7787 Lathe motor brushes. The brushes are 4.7mm x 7.75mm. (13 available) $5.00 each
wt7749 Hook set for leather belts. $10.00
wt2715 Blank 3/4 inch diameter 8mm collet. (2 available) $20.00
wt2595 Rivett 1R #4 collet. $8.00
wt7699 Small chuck. End is internally threaded. Made in Germany. $30.00

8mm un-named headstock. Decent pulley with one small chip. Movement is gummy from being stored for many years.

Additional shipping charge applies.

wt7803 8mm Drawbar. 92mm overall length. $20.00
wt7804 8mm Drawbar. 99mm overall length. $20.00
wt7805 8mm Drawbar. 105mm overall length. $20.00
wt7815 Drawbar. NOT 8mm. 9.06mm diameter. 84mm overall length. $20.00
wt7873 8mm Drawbar, missing knob. 101mm overall length. $10.00
wt7812 Tailstock. Not sure what brand, but well made. $60.00
wt7956 Tailstock. Not sure what brand. $35.00
wt7807 Tailstock runner with center. 7.99mm diameter. $20.00
wt7808 Tailstock runner with center. 7.99mm diameter. $20.00
wt7693 Male and Female center tailstock runner. 9.0mm diameter. $40.00
wt7750 Tailstock runner with center. 7.98mm diameter. $20.00
wt7692 Tailstock runner missing center. 8.0mm diameter. $20.00
wt7733 Tailstock runner missing knob. 7.99mm diameter. $15.00
wt7704 Tailstock runner missing center. 7.62mm diameter. $15.00
wt7666 Tip-over T-rest $45.00
wt7682 T-rest (non-tip). Nice wide T-rest. $40.00
wt7667 Tip-over T-rest $40.00
wt7664 Tip-over T-rest $40.00
wt7668 Tip-over T-rest $40.00
wt7669 Tip-over T-rest. Looks like a Peerless? (2 available) $40.00
wt7670 Tip-over T-rest $40.00
wt7671 Tip-over T-rest $30.00
wt7732 Tip-over T-rest. T-rest is homemade out of aluminum. 6.98 post diameter. $30.00
wt7665 Tip-over body (no tool rest). $25.00
wt7672 Extra large T-rest. 6.97mm post. $40.00
wt7689 T-rest. 6.98mm post. $20.00
wt7696 T-rest. 6.57mm post. $20.00
wt7686 T-rest. 6.00mm post. 13mm head width. $20.00
wt7680 T-rest. 6.96mm post. $20.00
wt7673 T-rest. 6.0mm post. $20.00
wt7674 T-rest. 7.01mm post. $20.00
wt7675 T-rest. 7.04mm post. $20.00
wt7705 T-rest. 6.98mm post. $20.00
wt7706 T-rest. 5.97mm post. $10.00
wt7730 T-rest. 7.1mm post. Edge needs dressing. $15.00
wt7698 T-rest. 6.0mm post. $15.00
wt7089 Lathe index pin. 4.0mm. $10.00
wt7035 Lathe index pin. 3.5mm. $12.00
wt6768 Lathe index pin. 3.48mm. $10.00
wt6032 Lathe index pin. 3.5mm. $10.00
wt7687 8mm lathe inside tool rest. 6.6mm post. $20.00
wt6949 8mm lathe inside tool rest. 6.98mm post. $20.00
wt3867 8mm lathe inside tool rest. 6.6mm post. $20.00
wt6626 Wheel holder for a 5/16" motor shaft. $10.00
wt4204 8mm saw arbor. Moseley length. $10.00
wt4205 8mm saw arbor. Moseley length. $10.00
wt4208 8mm saw arbor. Moseley length. $15.00
wt4894 8mm lathe index pin. 3.92mm diameter. $10.00
wt4690 Specialty taper $15.00
wt7708 Nice center taper set. Male, female and flat. $25.00
wt7719 Male taper center. $10.00
wt7751 Female taper center. $10.00
wt7713 Female taper center. $10.00
wt7720 Female taper center. $10.00
wt7721 Female taper center. $10.00
wt7019 Female taper center. $10.00
wt7092 Male taper center. $10.00
wt7018 Male taper center. $10.00
wt7017 Male taper center. Flattened point. $5.00
wt6586 Male taper center. (2 available) $10.00
wt7090 Male taper center. Needs to be re-pointed. $5.00
wt5697 Male taper center. Looks like a Peerless. (6 available) $10.00
wt4667 Male taper center. $12.00
wt4632 Male taper center. $12.00
wt3934 Male taper center. $8.00
wt3933 Male taper center. $8.00
wt6693 8mm dead center. $10.00
wt6694 8mm dead center. $10.00
wt3881 Moseley 8mm dead center. (3 available) $10.00
wt3948 8mm dead center (3 available) $8.00
wt2592 8mm dead center. $4.00
wt7579 8mm dead center. $10.00
wt4108 Moseley conoidal 8mm taper holder. $10.00
wt6733 Cone arbor for a buffing wheel. Inner mount diameter is 7.97mm. $10.00
wt4224 10mm cement brass. $25.00
wt7702 Cement brass and steel set. $20.00
wt6908 Cement brass collet. Threaded type. $10.00
wt2705 Blank brass collet. (2 available) $8.00
wt3947 Peerless 8mm cement chuck. $10.00
wt3498 Peerless 8mm cement chuck. (2 available) $10.00
wt1697 Cement chuck $5.00
wt5297 Drawbar knob. Appears to be for a 10mm. $15.00
wt7709 Toolpost lantern. 11.94mm diameter. $20.00
wt7725 Toolpost washer and rocker. 10.48mm inside diameter. $20.00
wt7711 Round tool toolpost adapter. $10.00
wt7717 Toolpost threaded nut. 14.3mm ID. $10.00
wt7727 Toolpost washer. 11.25mm ID. $10.00
wt7718 Toolpost threaded nut. 15.4mm ID. $10.00
wt7747 8mm lathe shoe. (5 available) $10.00
wt7731 Toolrest bolt assembly. Looks like a Peerless. (5 available) $20.00
wt7703 Toolrest bolt. (2 available) $10.00
wt7712 Headstock split nut. $5.00
wt7707 U-joint. 6.0mm ID. $15.00
wt7715 Centering tool. $15.00
wt7722 Tommy bar. 3.05mm end diameter. $5.00
wt7723 Tommy bar. 3.15mm end diameter. $5.00

8mm lathe base. "90-45" on bottom. (2 available)

Additional shipping charge applies.


8mm lathe base and mounting bolt.

Additional shipping charge applies.

wt7742 Lathe mounting bolt. $15.00
wt7743 Lathe mounting bolt. $15.00
wt7744 Lathe mounting bolt. $15.00
wt7745 Lathe mounting bolt. $15.00
wt7274 Buffer wheel mandrel. 1/2 inch opening. $10.00
wt2720 Jacobs chuck. Mounts on a 1/2 inch arbor. $20.00
wt6939 Lathe base bolt. $10.00
wt2462 Lathe base screw. $4.00
wt1222 Lathe base screw. $4.00