Jewel Tools
Part #
wt8443 Roller jewel tweezer. $40.00
wt8287 Presto roller jewel inserter. $50.00
wt8248 Seitz jeweling tool. All of the chucks are good. About half the cannisters have parts in them.


wt8209 Watch-Craft friction jeweling chucks. $50.00
wt6286 Seitz jeweling set reamer holder. May have some surface rust. (7 available) $25.00
wt6002 Jewel pusher. $15.00
wt8307 Jewel pusher. $15.00
wt6826 Jewel pusher. $15.00
wt7566 Jewel pusher. (2 available) $15.00
wt4627 Elgin jeweling tool for making jewel setting on the lathe. $75.00