Hamilton Parts Movements
Part #

Hamilton 18-size 925 pocket watch movement. Serial number 431183.

Runs sluggishly.

PM2396 Hamilton 18-size single roller pallet fork (single roller, conical pivots) #96. $30.00
PM2121 Hamilton 18-size single roller pallet fork #97. (2 available) $20.00
PM2468 Short detent stem for certain early 16-size grades. $15.00
PM2715 Hamilton Ball ratchet wheel. New-old-stock from LaRose. $30.00
PM2862 From a tin marked "Hamilton 16S Military". Staffs are both broken, but hairspring and rollers are good. $45.00
PM2398 Hamilton 16 size pallet fork. (3 available) $20.00
PM2399 Hamilton 16 size counterpoised (two piece) pallet fork. $25.00

Hamilton 914 movement. Serial number 1771666.

Missing hairspring and roller table. Good staff. Broken center and 4th pivots.

PM2763 Hamilton 910 balance complete. (Triangular hairspring stud.) $40.00
PM2764 Hamilton 912 balance complete. (Round hairspring stud.) $40.00

Hamilton 747 movement.

Balance is OK.

PM1674 Hamilton Secometer-B case made by S&W. 10K rolled gold plate $25.00
PM2608 Hamilton 751 balance complete. $15.00
PM017 17 jewel, 750 movement. Missing balance parts. $6.00