Hamilton Parts Movements
Part #

Hamilton 17 jewel 927 movement. Private label for L. M. Slider of Jamesville, Minnesota. Serial number 109444.

Runs. Broken regulator.

PM2387 Hamilton 18-size #75 hairspring, strength '6'. (3 available) $18.00
PM2396 Hamilton 18-size single roller pallet fork (single roller, conical pivots) #96. $30.00
PM2121 Hamilton 18-size single roller pallet fork #97. (4 available) $20.00
PM2440 Hamilton winding wheel assortment from LaRose. LaRose part number 03-5035. $15.00
PM2448 Hamilton Railroad crown and stem. Worn but still some use left in this one. $20.00
PM2468 Short detent stem for certain early 16-size grades. $15.00

Single roller balance for a 16-size Hamilton.

Good staff and roller jewel. No hairspring.


Hamilton 17 jewel 975 movement with gold hardware. Serial number 714657.

Not running although balance seems OK. Missing a screw in the crown wheel.

PM2331 Hamilton 17 jewel 974 movement. Serial number 890883. $75.00
PM2401 Hamilton 992 balance complete. Good staff. Missing hairspring stud. $60.00
PM2397 Hamilton 16 size hairsping. (1 available) $18.00
PM2398 Hamilton 16 size pallet fork. (3 available) $20.00
PM2399 Hamilton 16 size counterpoised (two piece) pallet fork. $25.00
PM1674 Hamilton Secometer-B case made by S&W. 10K rolled gold plate $25.00
PM831 17 jewel, 750 movement. Broken staff. $8.00
PM017 17 jewel, 750 movement. Missing balance parts. $6.00