Gruen Parts Movements
Part #

Gruen Guild 19 jewel movement. 39.6mm diameter.

Runs. Faint writing on dial.

PM1259 Gruen Veri-thin wristwatch. Partially disassembled. Minute and second hands missing. Nice rolled gold plate case. $35.00
PM1034 Gruen Precision 17J wristwatch. Very worn, but runs. $15.00

Gruen Precision 17J wristwatch movement N510SS.

Not running, but balance seems OK.

PM766 Gruen 7J watch. Not running. Movement is loose in case. $8.00
PM597 Gruen Precision 17J. Missing hairspring, click and other parts. $10.00
PM531 Pair of Gruen 225 movements, partially disassembled. Both have nice Gruen crowns. $18.00
PM387 Gruen Precision Autowind. 17 jewel, grade 710RSS. Hairspring is disconnected from stud and roller jewel seems to be missing. $20.00