Collectable Watches and Movements

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Part #
Photo and Description

Elgin 18-size, grade 288, 7 jewel pocket watch. Serial number 29057648. Housed in a Keystone silveroid case. Not running as the balance staff appears to be broken. Needs service. Missing bow.


Waltham 18-size keywind, 7 jewel, Home Watch Co. pocket watch. Serial number 309015. Housed in a lumpy Fahy's coin silver case with damage near the back cover hinge and a broken out cuvette. Not running due to a broken balance staff. No crystal.


Elgin 10-size grade 546 15 jewel pocket watch. Serial number E458949. Housed in its original 10K rolled gold plate case marked 'Cased and timed by Elgin'. Runs with winding pressure applied. Not recently serviced.


Lip 16-size (probably) 17 jewel pocket watch. Back cover hinge is broken. Minute hand is broken. Watch does run.


Girard (Swiss) 7 jewel pocket watch. Housed in a gold filled Stuyvesant Watch Co. case. Not running but balance seems OK.


Waltham Colonial 9 jewel pocket watch. Serial number 29111283. Housed in a B&B Regal white case. Broken mainspring but good balance. No crystal.


Elgin 3/0-size, grade 462, 7 jewel, pocket watch. Serial number 20963644. Housed in a spread tornado base metal case. Not running.


Forem quartz lapel watch. Runs.