Collectable Watches and Movements

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Photo and Description

Elgin 12-size 'Slimline' pocket watch case and box. No movement. Missing crystal, stem and crown. Case is in excellent condition, just looking for the right Slimline movement.


Elgin 18-size, grade 288, 7 jewel pocket watch. Serial number 31516159. Housed in a Keystone Nickeloid case. Poor dial. Runs but not recently serviced.


Elgin 16-size, grade 291, 7 jewel pocket watch. Serial number 25125246. Housed in a Dueber silverine case. Stops running in the dial up position which indicates a broken or bent balance staff pivot. Runs in other positions.


Elgin 18-size, grade 288, 7 jewel pocket watch. Serial number 29057648. Housed in a Keystone silveroid case. Not running as the balance staff appears to be broken. Needs service. Missing bow.


Lip 16-size (probably) 17 jewel pocket watch. Back cover hinge is broken. Minute hand is broken. Watch does run.


Elgin 3/0-size, grade 462, 7 jewel, pocket watch. Serial number 20963644. Housed in a spread tornado base metal case. Not running.


Locust watch. Case diameter is 48.5mm. Not running but balance seems OK.


Small quartz pendant watch.


Forem quartz lapel watch. Runs.