Collectable Watches and Movements

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Part #
Photo and Description

Elgin 12 size, 7 jewel pocket watch. Gold filled case. Not running as the roller jewel appears to be broken. (Balance swings fine, but no action on the pallet fork.)


Elgin 12-size, grade 301, 7 jewel pocket watch. Serial number 17511877. Housed in a Defiance base metal case. Not running but balance seems OK. Mismatched hands.


Elgin 12-size, grade 495, 17 jewel pocket watch. Serial number 34345027. Housed in an Elgin marked gold filled case. The name "John D. Turnipseed" is engraved on the back. Runs sluggishly. Needs service.


Girard (Swiss) 7 jewel pocket watch. Housed in a gold filled Stuyvesant Watch Co. case. Not running but balance seems OK.


Elgin 12-size, grade 315, 15 jewel pocket watch. Serial number 36152125. Housed in a Star Stainless case missing crystal. Not running although balance seems OK.


Elgin 3/0-size, grade 462, 7 jewel, pocket watch. Serial number 20963644. Housed in a spread tornado base metal case. Not running.


Waltham 12-size, 7 jewel model 1894 pocket watch. Serial number 9032245. Housed in an Empire Watch Company base metal case. Not running but the balance seems OK. Missing crystal.


Waltham 0-size, 15 jewel model 1907 pocket watch. Serial number 22670754. Housed in a Waltham case that is about a 10-size. Not running. Missing crystal and minute hand.


Small Swiss oval case pocket watch. Case says "fine gold" but appears to be gold filled. Width of case is 33mm. Runs sluggishly.


Forem quartz lapel watch. Runs.