Collectable Clocks

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French electric Brillie clock. Case is 17 inches high. Beautiful clock labelled for Henri Ploye. The clock is not currently running. At minimum, the pendulum system needs adjustment as it is rubbing. I'm not familiar enough with these clocks to determine what else, if anything, might be wrong. Movement is mounted on a marble backboard.


Small Ansonia cast brass 8-day clock. Almost 6 inches tall and quite heavy. Time only. Enamel dial and beveled glass. Runs for an hour or so then stops. Needs servicing.


"Tape Measure" rotary clock. 5 inch diameter. Runs after a twist to get it started.


Victor Electric interval timer. Works.


Small Seth Thomas 8-day tambour clock. 10 inches wide. Runs.


Telechron alarm clock 7H125. Runs. Does not set the alarm properly, though. The hands move with the alarm disk.


Not exactly a clock, but rather a Galvanometer made in England by the General Electric Company Ltd. Don't know if it work. Fairly nice condition, though. Nice beveled glass in front of the dial.


What appears to be an electrical counter of some sort made by W. & L. E. Gurley of Troy, New York. The dial on the right is labeled 'UNITS' and the one on the left is labeled 'HUNDREDS'. The maker's name is inscribed on the silvered dial plate. I have no idea if it works as I have no idea what it is supposed to do.


Seth Thomas round time and strike wall clock. Balance wheel (lever) escapement. Runs. Bezel and dial are not attached. No hands. 11 inch overall diameter.


American Bank Protection timer. Powered by a Seth Thomas #10 movement. Does not run. This is the 7 day version as you can see by the day wheel just below the hour hand.


American Bank Protection timer. Powered by a Seth Thomas #10 movement. Does not run.


Small Timer. About 5 inches square. Unknown working condition.


Ingraham 8-day clock. 15 inch height. Runs.


Junghans ceramic clock.