Clock Repair Tools and Parts
Part #
wt7298 Bergeon No. 5488 hard brass bushing assortment. $75.00
wt7407 Ollie Baker mainspring winder. $260.00
wt7416 Arbor for working with Seth Thomas 120/124 mainspring barrels. $35.00
wt7297 Clock mainspring winder. $125.00
wt7408 Clock movement test stand. 16 inches high. $50.00

MicroLux tapping fixture. Tap perfectly straight holes with this fixture.

Additional shipping charge applies.

wt7230 Oil sink countersink tools. $50.00
wt7424 Clock staking tool. $35.00
wt7385 Handle for Bergeon No. 30078. $75.00
wt7257 Complete set of letdown keys. $50.00
wt7420 Complete set of letdown keys. $40.00
wt7267 Partial set of letdown keys. Sizes 3, 4, 5, 6. $20.00
wt7255 Assortment of crank clock keys. $60.00
wt7256 Assortment of crank clock keys. $40.00
wt7265 Lot of 23 wing handle clock keys. $70.00
wt7266 Lot of 14 double ended clock keys. $60.00
wt7273 Lot of 6 double ended clock keys. $25.00
wt7270 Lot of crank clock keys. $35.00
wt7271 Lot of cast iron clock keys. $30.00
wt7272 Lot of cast iron clock keys. $25.00
wt7269 Large clock key. 5.7mm square. $10.00
wt7268 Lot of 6 clock keys. $15.00

Hermele HM150-010 new old stock clock movement.

Additional shipping charge applies.

pm2684 Platform escapement and parts. Balance seems fine. $20.00
wt6675 Bergeon bushings #26. At least 50 pieces left. $25.00
wt6676 Bergeon bushings #28. At least 50 pieces left. $25.00
wt6518 Eagle clock finial. Appears to be a modern replacement. $10.00

Lot of 5 early lead pendulum bobs.

Additional shipping charge applies.

wt6516 Antique pendulum indicator bob. Needs some work as it is now in two pieces but certainly seems restorable. $20.00
wt6514 Antique pendulum parts. $20.00
wt6517 Clock alarm movement. Made in India. $15.00
wt7159 Pivot file. $10.00
wt7118 Homemade pivot locator. $5.00
wt5612 Set of hole closing punches. $15.00
wt7383 Hand puller. $10.00
wt7094 Hand puller. (5 available) $8.00
wt5622 Hand puller. $8.00
wt5514 Gear/hand puller. (5 available) $8.00
wt5515 Gear puller? (2 available) $10.00
wt5512 Antique pocket oiler. $10.00
wt5464 Crow's foot. (2 available) $20.00
wt5497 Horolovar 400-day clock mainspring (16 x 36). $5.00
wt5314 Hand/wheel puller. $10.00
wt6513 Clock keys $15.00
wt5549 Clock keys $20.00
wt6767 Threaded end clock key assortment. $10.00
wt5477 Clock keys $10.00
wt4685 Lot of double ended clock keys. $30.00
wt4688 Lot of 3 English clock keys. $10.00
wt4717 Lot of 2 German clock keys. $8.00
wt7303 Assortment of Bergeon "Paris" clock hands. Beautifully blued. $40.00
wt7301 Assortment of well made seconds hands. $40.00
wt7305 Set of 3 seconds hands. $15.00
wt7306 Vigor new-old-stock spade hand set. $8.00
wt7308 Pair of early hands. They do have some tape residue on them. $10.00
wt7307 Pair of early hands. They do have some tape residue on them. $10.00
wt7302 Two sets of moon hands. $10.00
wt4695 Pair of early clock hands. $10.00