Bench Keys
Part #
wt5884 Rotating bench key. $40.00
wt6686 Rotating bench key. 3 male and 3 female ends. $25.00
wt6763 Rotating bench key. The end not shown is broken, but the two good male ends are 16 and 18 size. $20.00
wt6832 Bench key set. The smallest end is broken. $30.00
wt7219 #1 bench key for 18/16 size movements. $15.00
wt5919 #1 bench key for 18/16 size movements. $15.00
wt6465 Random set of antique bench keys. $25.00
wt6464 Random set of antique bench keys. $20.00
wt6457 Homemade bench keys. $15.00
wt6879 Random lot of bench keys. $20.00
wt7388 Pocket watch key set. $15.00
wt7499 Pocket watch key set. $10.00
wt6067 Keywind bench key - even sizes. New. (2 available) $5.00
wt6066 Keywind bench key - odd sizes. New. (2 available) $5.00
wt4554 Wristwatch crown winder. (2 available) $20.00
wt5686 An original Birch key. Top says "John S. Birch U.S. Patent" "April 13th '69 and May 23rd '76". Nice old tool and it still works great. $15.00
wt6590 Birch key. $10.00
wt6492 Birch key. Handle is broken but it still works. $5.00
wt6566 Birch key. $10.00
wt6567 Birch key. $10.00
wt6568 Birch key. $10.00
wt6569 Birch key. Decorative brass outside is starting to split, but still works. A nice antique key. $10.00
wt6570 Birch key. $8.00
wt6572 Birch key. $10.00
wt4126 Rotating bench key. One of the male keys is broken, so 3 female, 2 male. $12.00
wt7070 Modern replacement watch key. Most sizes available. Specify size when ordering. $5.00 each
wt7069 Antique reversible watch key - 1.24mm square. $10.00
wt7064 Antique #5 watch key - 1.72mm square. $10.00
wt7067 Antique #3 watch key - 1.86mm square. $10.00
wt7065 Antique #8 watch key - 1.31mm square. $10.00
wt7066 Antique #9 watch key - 1.24mm square. $10.00
wt7068 Antique watch key - 1.26mm square. $10.00
wt7063 Antique watch key - 1.38mm square. $10.00
wt7052 Antique watch key - 1.55mm square. (2 available) $10.00
wt7051 Antique watch key - 1.75mm square. $10.00
wt7050 Antique watch key - 1.65mm square. $10.00
wt5227 Reversible Pipe patented key. $10.00
wt4037 Combination watch key, snuff spoon and tweezer. $25.00